Sunday, July 31, 2016


What a wonderful story that takes you to an era that is rich in history. A war is soon to break out and chaos will set in. I really loved the historical setting and the way the characters spoke with such proper manners. Martha is a very likeable character. She is headstrong and fiercely protective of her family . She finds out her brother Jonny is unhappy away at school and wants to come home. What scheme will Martha try to bring her brother back home?

There is a horse race coming up that seems to have a policy that no women are allowed in the race. What a silly rule that must be for Martha to absorb . It will not stop this determined woman. She is already making plans to compete in the steeplechase. She needs to win this race . Will she be able to fool people and join in the race? Will her horse be faster than others?

The story is fast pace  with lots of action that keep readers glued to the book. I loved reading about the impending war of 1812. Will Martha find someone to help her bring her brother home. I loved Martha's big heart and love for her family. Will secrets be revealed that could cause problems for the town ? I loved the intrigue, and how Phillip came to know Martha. Will he help her with her desire to win the race? It is interesting to read about a strong woman in this time period. It is refreshing and made the story so enjoyable to read. The writing is great as the author made me think of horse races I have gone to. The animals are so beautiful and strong. They are focused and ready to do their job. Thank you for writing a book that is wonderful to read and reminds me to always have faith and trust God.

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

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