Thursday, August 4, 2016


From the first page, the action is a big adrenaline rush. Leah is running for her life . The powerful description of being buried under snow was impressive. I could feel my skin turn cold as Leah struggled to reach the surface and freedom. She is a very strong and determined woman.

Leah's troubles begin when she witnessed a murder. Who did she see get killed? Who is the man chasing her and why does  he think she has something thst is valuable to him? The story is riveting and keeps readers on the edge of their seat. The author does the an amazing job of developing the characters. I loved Cade and his strong desire to to rescue people. The details of the avalanche was intense and showed how dangerous and fast they are.

Cade and Leah are a great team, but something is holding her back. She has big trust issues that hold him at bay. Danger lurks in every corner as Keah tries desperately to escape the man who is after her. Will she let Cade help her? I loved the fast oace action and the scriptures that were scattered throughout the story. It was nice to see the characters rely on their faith as they tried to stay out of danger. The author really gives a great intriguing story that keeps you guessing till the end. Will Cade and Leah be able to keep their faith and learn to trust each other as they face a dangerous man? Be sure and grab a copy of this explosive story that is filled with intrigue, faith, deceit and trust.

"Not my place to decide if someone is worthy of being rescued. That's God's job." I really loved this quote from Cade. It is true that God is the only one who should judge . Our job is to follow and obey Him.

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

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