Thursday, September 1, 2016


I really enjoy reading books from this authors as  her writing flows with such ease and the emotions of the characters can be felt in your soul. She delivers a heartfelt story that instantly connects you to the characters. I love reading stories that show real struggles and slowly takes the characters through pain as they open their hearts to healing.

Abandoned as an infant, Maddie has always had trouble trusting anyone. When Cliff shows up to visit his brother on the ranch she now is part owner of , she instantly has her guard up. Cliff is a handsome and strong  man with a heart of gold. After riding bulls for a living, he has decided to settle down and buy land near his brother. The banter between Maddie and Cliff is funny at times. She really doesn't give him a break, does she? She is stubborn as a mule and I think she just might have met her match with Cliff. Can Cliff break that wall Maddie has built around her heart?

I love Maddie's take charge attitude. She feels like she needs to prove how tough she is to everyone. But deep down, is a small girl crying out for acceptance. Maddie loves to control everything , but sometimes being in control can lead to missed chances and hurt. It's hard to feel worthy when you were not wanted as a baby. I love the compassion and patience Cliff shows Maddie. Maddie has prayed for  so long to God to bring her someone who cares about her. Has her prayers been answered? My eyes filled with tears as I felt her yearning to be loved, to be accepted , to be important to someone.

When something happens between Maddie and Cliff, will she close her heart up and feel abandoned again? Can she trust Cliff at his word? It is refreshing to read a book that shows a vulnerable side of someone and watch them transform into a beautiful butterfly that is set free.

"Your past isn't you today."

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