Tuesday, November 22, 2016


This is a different style of book that I thought I would not like.  But as soon as I started reading , I became infatuated with the beauty of the writing. It is written as a journal of a woman  and her daily life as  a mother and wife. The author did a great job of having prayers to start each day and I loved how the character prayed throughout the day about different situations. There are times where I laughed so hard  as I could relate to what she was going through.  It is quite funny that when a mom gets hurt or sick, it seems like the family suddenly is at a loss of what to do.

When Victoria fell  over the vacumn cleaner and hit her head I could see myself doing the same thing. Of course the family was very concerned. After a trip to the doctor she is instructed to go to bed and get lots of rest . That is when the shenanigans in the household begin . The story was so real,I found myself reliving a time  when I became sick and stayed in bed. You get all comfy, snuggle with the covers and start to nod off. Suddenly you hear noises from downstairs, smoke billowing in the hallway and you know that mom is now on high alert. Well so much for rest.

One of the subjects the author writes about is bullying. Johnny has been hurt, called names and made to feel insecure and worthless. My tears flowed from my eyes as I read this. No parent wants to see their child hurting and it made me think of my own child. I remember just like Johnny's parents, going to school to face the principal and demand something be done. I loved how the author used the story from the Bible about Jesus. He went without a fight with his captors because he knew what his destiny was. Through the meeting that transpired for Johnny we saw how forgiveness came. Oh if only we could learn to forgive as quickly as Jesus does.

As Victoria goes through her days she lovingly takes time to pray and have a relationship with God. Her character goes from happy moments to making hard decisions. I loved her fierce love for  her family and how she relied on God for direction. The story about the man who committed suicide was so hard to read. There are people that feel there is no hope, they are unloved and the only answer for them is to leave this earth. God is right there with each of us in our darkest hour. He can feel our pain, and His heart grieves for His children as they seek an end to their pain.  He is the answer to our prayers and will take the pain away .

The book is well written and each story and each prayer speaks to your heart and really opens your eyes to the unconditional love that God has for us. I'm thankful that I had an opportunity to read such a powerful book that I will read many times over. There were many great prayers in the book but I will leave you with this one.

"Oh Lord, crushed and broken as I am You are always gentle with your handling of my life.  You may have to prune hard at times, but it is always with our growth in mind that You tend to our souls. No matter what mess I make with handling things you will always be there to pick up the pieces if I ask You to."

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Celebrate Lit . The review is my own opinion and I was not compensated for it.

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