Monday, November 21, 2016


Have you ever been so overwhelmed with your life that you wanted to take a break from it?  In this beautifully written story that is exactly what Anna  does after  traveling throughout the year. She decides it is time to get away and just be a normal everyday person. She finds herself in the quaint little town of Darling, Georgia. I so much enjoyed the intricate details of a concert pianist. Anna has such a God given talent and I love how she closes her concerts out with a hymn. As I read the story ,my granddad came to mind. He was a piano tuner and loved his job. He would always tell me he got to hear beautiful music everyday of his life. I do enjoyed the piano and loved the moments my grandmother spent with me teaching me how to play. Those memories I had long forgotten were brought back to the surface as I felt myself watching Anna's hands glide with with emotion. The author really knows how to make  her characters become real and allows readers to become part of their life.

Anna has come to the sweet little town of Darling, Georgia to get away from her very hectic life. Ii was fun to read all the mishaps she had at the Darling Diner as a waitress. Being a waitress is not an easy job and Anna really found out how hard it was as plates fell, coffee was spilled and perhaps a few orders were mixed up. What I loved about the diner were the locals who seemed to really welcome Anna and show her kindness . How many times have we been waited on, and took our frustrations out on the wait staff? It really reminded me to treat others as you would want to be treated . Anna has a big secret about herself and is trying very hard to hide it. What  happens when her true identity is revealed? One of the best things about Anna is her faith and how much she shared it with others.

Weston is in the town for a few weeks working at a construction site. I immediately fell in love with this character. He is handsome, charming and as the biggest heart ever. He is not ashamed to say he is a Christian and his respect for women  is so wonderful I wanted to tell him,"thank you for being a true gentleman. " I loved how the author gave Weston a pure heart and standards that he was not willing to compromise . He is someone you would love to be friends with and his love for God is evident in everything he does.

The author uses beautiful scriptures in the story that speak to the heart and make the story glisten with honor and faith. I felt liked I had been whisked away to a charming little town where I could easily stay. The description the author uses to describe the characters  made me feel like I was right there among the people of the town. I think I would love to move there and be quite content in that little town. The story is so exquisite I decided to slow down in reading it. I wanted to experience every moment of this sweet story. The chemistry between Anna and Weston is evident , but I appreciated how the characters were faithful to their beliefs and took it slow. The story is one that takes you on a journey about trust, changes and love that is priceless. Whisper To My Heart will leave you with a feeling of happiness and  pure delight as you journey with Anna and Weston.

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  1. Thank you for this most heartfelt and lovely review, Deana. I loved your personal insights into your granddad in his work as a piano tuner. That made reading your review special! I'm so thankful you could appreciate the characters of Anna, Weston, and the supporting characters. I will admit, the citizens of that charming little town of Darling have endeared themselves to me, as well. Thank you for reading Whisper to My Heart and for the beautiful review. Blessings!