Saturday, December 31, 2016


I wasn't sure what I was in store for  when I started this book. As I read about the author's sudden emergency I knew I was in for a powerful story.  I was a bit surprised that the author thought that " more people make resolutions at funeral services than they do on New Year's Eve." Maybe it's because at a funeral it is a wake up call . We are not promised one moment on this earth and being at a funeral will certainly make you rethink your life choices .

The book really made me ponder what I have done during my life . Did I listen to my call that God had for me? Am I just going through the motions and not being serious about the things I should be? Have I been listening to God's voice? I knew the answers to these questions and realized I have not really started to be obedient to what He has called me to do. I think about a simple encounter at a grocery store. I run into someone I haven't seen in awhile. We exchange pleasantries but I never ask where she is going to church  at. Did I miss a chance to share God with her? What if that was my opportunity to guide her back to church?

I enjoyed the different references of people in the Bible. I loved  how he talked about Eli's son and their rebellion and unrighteousness acts. The good news is God will forgive us for our rebellion and we can get back on track. I know I have veered off course with my own selfish desires.  I have also let fear stop me from listening to His  directions. It is nice to know that we have a God of second chances. One of the things I enjoyed most about the book was the way the author spoke with compassion and gave us directions  on how to overcome obstacles we let get in the way. We all make mistakes but for some of us we let that keep us from doing the work God has called us to. We may lack confidence but with God's guidance we can overcome what is stopping us from reaching our full potential.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from This is my honest opinion.

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