Sunday, August 7, 2016


This is a nice story with a character that has a sassy attitude. Mary Handley has been let go from the police force because of her less than inviting personality . Bet she didn't like that very much. Who would want to find out they have been sacked from their job? The on,y thing you can do is look for another job.

Mary finds a job in a bookstore. I have to say I would love that job. I would get to see all the new books that come in and probably hand my check right back to the store as I buy ,buy, buy. What can I say? I love to read. Mary has a side job as a consulting private detective. I can smell trouble already. The story is set in the 1890s and I loved the historical facts the author gave. It made the story so interesting and easy to visualize the setting. Do you think anyone would have a problem with a woman detective? I'm sure in this time period it was frowned upon.

Mary gets hired by someone who is wanting answers for a muder that happened a long time ago. Who was killed and why would someone want to re open a case from so long ago? The plot thickens as something happens thst will take Mary on a  roller coaster ride of deceit and dishonesty. She is not making any friends with the police as she delves in the mystery. She is a very determined women and I sure would want her on my side.

You don't want to miss this intriguing, historical story filled with suspense, and a case that could put angry in danger. Will she solve the case? Can she trust anyone ?

I received a copy of this book from Blogging For Books for an honest review.


What an adventure this book is. The action is explosive and the tension is felt in every page. Jed has been chosen to assassinate someone.  Is this person a powerful leader or a random person? When Jed's family is taken , he has no choice but to carry out the plan . I loved how his daughter had such strong  faith . She was a great character and seemed to guide Jed to believe and keep his faith strong.

I loved how the author weaved the story and kept me guessing till the end. It was hard to figure out who to trust and that made the story so intriguing. There were times when Jed wasn't sure if he was doing the right thing but he knew  he had to keep his family safe. The author keeps the story going at a fast pace with many unpredictable twists that you don't see coming. The scenes where Jed had to fight for his life were well written and gave the reader a vivid picture of the action going on. The book is a edge of your seat page turner. The theme throughout the book was faith and trust. It may seem hard to have faith when everything around you is crashing in, but his daughter was really a great advocate on faith. I really liked her character and have to say I wish I had her kind of faith sometimes. There are several characters in the book that play key roles in the story. They were intense, focused and ready to do their job. Get ready for a thriller in the political world where lives are at stake, dangers lurks at every turn and faith is the key to trusting the right people.

"Cling to God and trust Him to carry me."

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

Friday, August 5, 2016


I am a huge fan of medical mystery books like Richard Mabry writes. This book is definitely right up there with his caliber of writing . I just discovered that the author has written a couple of other books that will be on my list to buy next. I'm excited that I found a new author that writes suspenseful books with a medical theme.

 As Lilly works in the ER of a hospital, I can visualize her movements with perfect precision. She is very skilled and well liked at her job. One day the unthinkable happens to her. She has been viciously raped and the police suspect several other cases are similar to hers. Her emotional state was well written and I could feel her sinking deeper into depression. Her work is being affected and she is borderline on the brink of a nervous breakdown when she discovers something that happened after her rape. What is it that will cause her to  turn away from her friends? What secret Is  she  hiding? I wanted to hug her and tell her everything was going to be alright. I felt her pain and her despair.  Have you ever thought that you couldn't handle a situation?  "Sometimes , God will bring you to the end of yourself so that all you see is him."

The medical aspect of the story is riveting and I loved the knowledge the author shows about DNA in her writing. It is very detailed and really gave me insight into something I was not familiar with. I appreciate the intricate storyline and how one things ties to another. I loved the spiritual references throughout the book and how some of the characters relied on their faith and were comfortable praying for situations. I loved the mention of sacrifice. It was well placed in the story and reminds readers that Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us.

The ending is an on the edge of your seat action packed thrill ride. How far would you go to prove your innocence?

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

Thursday, August 4, 2016


From the first page, the action is a big adrenaline rush. Leah is running for her life . The powerful description of being buried under snow was impressive. I could feel my skin turn cold as Leah struggled to reach the surface and freedom. She is a very strong and determined woman.

Leah's troubles begin when she witnessed a murder. Who did she see get killed? Who is the man chasing her and why does  he think she has something thst is valuable to him? The story is riveting and keeps readers on the edge of their seat. The author does the an amazing job of developing the characters. I loved Cade and his strong desire to to rescue people. The details of the avalanche was intense and showed how dangerous and fast they are.

Cade and Leah are a great team, but something is holding her back. She has big trust issues that hold him at bay. Danger lurks in every corner as Keah tries desperately to escape the man who is after her. Will she let Cade help her? I loved the fast oace action and the scriptures that were scattered throughout the story. It was nice to see the characters rely on their faith as they tried to stay out of danger. The author really gives a great intriguing story that keeps you guessing till the end. Will Cade and Leah be able to keep their faith and learn to trust each other as they face a dangerous man? Be sure and grab a copy of this explosive story that is filled with intrigue, faith, deceit and trust.

"Not my place to decide if someone is worthy of being rescued. That's God's job." I really loved this quote from Cade. It is true that God is the only one who should judge . Our job is to follow and obey Him.

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

Monday, August 1, 2016


What would you do if one day your computer, phone, TV and car stopped working? As you go outside to see what is going on, you hear a plane as it crashes onto your land. Do you start to think the end of the world is here? When the pilot of the plane approaches you, are you scared? These thoughts must have been going through Leora that fateful day. The Mennonites live in a quiet community with little luxuries, but they are being told that there is no electricity, cars are not working and there is no way  to call for help.  Towns  everywhere are without power. The Nennonites  are strong and they help each other out. They don't believe in violence. But that soon may change as Moses tells the community was has happened.

Everyone has just experienced an EMP which is an electromagnetic pulse. It is capable of taking out the power grid and ceasing all electric devices. Moses is trying to explain what is going on, but there is some doubt among the people. I think if I was in that community, I would start to blame Moses for everything. I loved Leora  and her fierce determination to care for her family but she does have a problem with control. I sure know how trying to control everything can cause destruction and trust issues.

The town comes  together to make  a safe place for the families and is only allowing a few English people into their compound. The author really delivers on writing the raw  emotions of desperate people as they try to survive. How do you turn away children who are starving? It was so emotional to read the struggles that  people faced . I loved the struggle that had some doubting their faith. They had always been taught to never fight and always open their home to others. The story is gripping, full of action and I enjoyed how the author touched on trust issues. We all have a time where we start to doubt our faith and wondering if we can ever trust anyone. Will the Mennonites be able to protect themselves  from outsiders trying to break their barricade? Can they trust each other or will they turn and fight amongst themselves?

The story is riveting and brings to light the impact an EMP would have on each of us. I can't imagine having to beg for food, look for shelter and keep my  family safe. The author has written such a compelling story that I couldn't put it down. The ending is dramatic, powerful and an adrenaline rush.  There is a moment in the book where the compound comes together to eat. I loved when the author wrote, "Sometimes it is necessary to celebrate life, despite being faced with defeat and death." It reminded me of the Last Supper Jesus had with His disciples. He knew what was coming, but He wanted that time with His disciples.   We all need to be reminded that we are not guaranteed one day on this earth, but while we are here we need to make every moment count. Make sure you don't miss this gripping story  and be sure to check out the discussions questions at the end of the book. The author has included an excerpt from the next book that you won't want to miss reading.. I am anxiously awaiting the next book in this unforgettable story and know it will be just as explosive as this one was.

"We'll find protection in the shadow of his wings."

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.