Thursday, January 26, 2017


I love reading books by this author. They are always clean, nice and wonderful stories that  tug  on your emotions. Her characters are well developed and come to life. They are relatable and I love how she writes them with struggles that readers can relate to. This book is not only about finding love but having faith.

Jessica and her son Kevin have gone through a tragic loss. Losing her husband in a terrible accident was devasting and she decides she needs a fresh start. I loved revisiting Windswept Bay again. The town is quaint and full of delightful characters. Jessica takes a teaching job at her son's new school. She hopes the move will help Kevin adjust to the loss of his dad. Jessica is a sweet person who wants the best for her child. She is still trying to get past Christmas when Kevin asked Santa and God for a new daddy. The faith of a child is special and the author really showed how important Kevin's faith was to him.

Levi is the chief of police and through an unexpected invite, finds himself at Kevin's school for show and tell. I remember when I was younger kids would bring their favorite toy to share. Levi is doing a great job of interacting with the children until someone shouts out something that has him scrambling for words. What was said that have Jessica and Levi denying rumors? This makes for a fun adventure as  Levi  seems to get deeper in trouble with women in the town. He has become the number one bachelor in town and the single women are flooding him with homemade food to win his attention. This  makes for some fun moments in the story .

Jessica seems to be running into Levi everywhere and he starts to grow close to her and Kevin. The author does a great job of showing how Levi doesn't push or pressure Jessica. It must be hard to have feelings for someone and know their heart isn't ready. Will Jessica learn to trust Levi? Can he win her heart? Will Kevin get a new daddy?  Make sure you grab a copy of this book about loss, faith and learning to trust .

I received a copy of this book from the author . The review is my own opinion .

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