Tuesday, February 21, 2017


This is one book that I couldn't put down. The author has written a very emotional story that grabs your attention as you feel the story come to life. It is hard to lose a family member. For Rose she has seen more than her share of tragedy. She has just buried her mom and now must face raising her child Gracie all alone. She has no one else in the world and knows she must support herself and her daughter. 

Rose finds a job working at a retirement center cooking. She is able to take her daughter with her. Rose is a sweet woman who is grieving over the loss of her mother, father and husband. That is a heavy murder to carry. Has Rose lost her faith in God? Will this job help her and Gracie start to get their lives back together? 

I fell instantly in love with Gracie. She is a very well mannered young girl. Her smile and outgoing personality lights up a room. People at the center take to her right away. I could see her sitting at the table playing games with the residents and giving them joy in their life. She is a ray of sunshine and plays a vital role in the story, " And a child shall lead them." 

Matthias is a hard working man who has come to know Rose by helping her with the burial of her mom. He has taken a shine to Gracie and thinks she is a delightful child. When Rose finds out a secret that has been kept from her for many years, can Matthias help her work through it? Does she feel betrayed by the secret? Will she be able to forgive? The author has done an excellent job of showing us the consequences of hiding something. I love how Matthias stands by Rose and Gracie as more people are involved in the secret. 

There are a few more characters in the book that the author introduces that shows the anger and resentment secrets can do to someone. The emotions were so real I could feel the pain and mistrust that came out. You don't want to miss this story that shows us forgiveness, faith and the unconditional love of a mother. 

"Sometimes its the unexpected details that bring us to our knees." 

"Forgiveness is a two-sided gift. The one who requests forgiveness is admitting a need for it, while the person who grants forgiveness has freed his own soul of any lingering doubt or trust.

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