Sunday, February 19, 2017


I am so enjoying reading this series and getting to know Kennedy . She is a young college student that has faced many obstacles. The author always does a great job of tackling controversial subjects with grace . I have come to really appreciate her stories and love how she gives readers both sides of the subject. The author never gives her personal opinion but let's readers see the struggles that go with issues that may be difficult to handle.

In this story a young boy tells his father that he is gay. The father is shocked and does not  react the way the boy was hoping for. It opens the door for characters to question their own beliefs. I really had a heart for Noah as he struggles to be accepted. Don't we all want to be accepted regardless  of what some may think is wrong? The book not only deals with sensitive subjects but there is a death and mystery surrounding it. I love how the story weaves so gracefully and gives us many topics that had me asking myself   if I judge others simply because they believe differently then me. In the end , a sin is a sin. God doesn't say one sin is worse then another. The good news is we can be forgiven .

As I read the book, I felt the author showed through her characters how important  unconditional love is and the willingness to talk things through with each other. Misunderstandings can lead to hurt feelings and draw people away from each other. The subject of this book may be sensitive to some, but I am thankful for an author that is willing to write about it and do it with love and be nonjudgmental. I have to say this is one of my favorites of her books. It is a very eye opening book and really shows the strength that Kennedy has as she questions her own beliefs. My hope is that people will read this and come away with the knowledge that God loves everyone.