Saturday, February 4, 2017


I absolutely loved everything about this book. The description of the boardwalk was so vivid I felt like I was there. I could hear kids laughing and see the shops filled with treasures. The author really does her homework while detailing how taffy is made. Wouldn't it be fun to sample different flavors of salt water taffy? The story is filled with wonderful characters and has a great feeling of family and love.

Taffie's family owns a candy shop which has been around for many years. You get a  glimpse of the authors wonderful sense of humor by the names of the three daughters. How would you like to be named Taffie, Candy or Tangerine? I found it quite endearing that the family business was so popular with tourists and was a staple for the community.

Taffie is learning the ins and outs of her family's business so her parents can retire. When the main machine breaks , a repairman is called to try to fix the machine. Ryan enters the shop and I could feel the sparks fly between him and Taffie. Their relationship is sweet and I thought Ryan was a true gentleman. As they begin to date the bond grows deeper. I loved when the two families meet. That was such a great scene with everyone talking and laughing. Two families enjoying food, laughter and memories.

I won't give away anything that makes the story so powerful but I will say that it  is filled with dreams, making decisions , family values and following God's direction. Grab a copy, get comfortable and enjoy Taffie and  Ryan's story.

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