Friday, February 3, 2017


I just love reading books from this author. They always make me laugh and the way she use scriptures throughout the story is phenomenal. I loved the details she uses when describing the town and the different characters. I thought the story was funny, intriguing and filled with life lessons. It's funny how we judge others and come  to conclusions about them without a reason. I couldn't put the book down and boy was I surprised at the end.

Annie and Warren's twin daughters are both planning weddings. That is enough to have any father scrambling to find money to pay for all the expenses. He wants his daughters to have their dream weddings. After a burglary takes place at the bank Annie decides she knows who the guilty person is. Can you imagine thinking your own husband has stolen money from his own bank? She is such a great character and I really loved her sleuthing. She  kind of reminded me of Mrs. Fletcher from Murder She Wrote. Annie is hot on the trail of suspects and the town better watch out.

One of the best things in the story is the journey she takes to discovering how she suspects people who  are searching for acceptance, forgiveness and love. Do we sometimes look at someone and think that they don't fit in? Annie's bible scripture for each day is exactly what she needs. I love when God gives you direction through His word. As Annie tries to solve the mystery of the missing money, she discovers something about herself. Do we forget to spend time with our family because we are so busy doing other things? I loved the characters that Annie interacts with.  There  are some emotional moments in the story as she "interviews" her suspects that opens her heart to these people.  Don't miss this great story that keeps you guessing and along the way, reminds us to reach out and help others.

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