Thursday, March 30, 2017


Oh my goodness this is an amazing start to a series that promises to be action packed. I am so in awe of the authors writing style. She is precise in descriptions that help readers visualize scenes with clarity. I have always loved lighthouses and even collect them. The author made me want to go visit one and just take in the history of the beautuful symbol of safety for ships.

Jeremy worked as a high powered lawyer in a very prestigious firm. When he does something unethical, he realizes he needs to leave. He returns to his hometown of Anchor Point on Cape Cod. I loved how the author gave a vivid account of the town and I was ready to pack my bags and move there. Jay as he goes by now has made a huge purchase that he hopes will bring many jobs to the people in town. He is now the proud owner of a haunted lighthouse and the land around it. The town is buzzing with excitement when they learn Jay is opening The Shipwreck Cafe. There is a lot of work and renovation to be done  and the author made me feel like I was right there watching workers as they hammered away. Will someone try to stop Jay from opening the cafe?

Robbie is a fun character. He is Jay's brother and seems to have an easy life. He surfs everyday and lives off his mother. Things sure do change when he is offered a job by Jay. I liked how they interacted with each other and felt their determination to make the cafe a success. The highlight of the menu is their moms famous chowder. The recipe is a guarded secret and no one has ever been able to duplicate the delicious dish.

My favorite character is none other than Roland. He is the resident ghost of the lighthouse and only a very few have seen him. I can't imagine seeing a ghost. I would scream and run as fast as I could. Jay is shocked when Roland starts talking to him. I have to say the author did an extraordinary job of making Roland so vivid. I would love to have him around to warn me of danger. Can Roland keep Jay and his family safe?

The story is surrounded in mystery and murder. There is a rumor of buried treasure and someone is willing to kill to find it. I was shocked when the first person was murdered. I didn't see it coming and it was a little sad . I won't give away the story, but I can say without a doubt this is one story you will not be able to put down. We have ghosts, pirates, buried treasure , sinister people and murders that start stacking up. The action never ends and with the gifted writing I was unable to figure out who the killer was. I love when I'm surprised at the end of a book and this one did not disappoint. The author brilliantly takes readers on a journey of deceit, danger, and a ghost who still protects the sea. Thank you for a story that captivated my attention and left me anxiously awaiting the next book.

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