Tuesday, March 28, 2017


The authors writing reminds me of a classical music piece. The words flow at a nice pace and  makes you feel good as you get attached to the characters. It  feels like a well done crescendo , gradually building  itself into a masterpiece filled with intrigue, memories  tears and love.

Natalie is a very interesting character and I instantly liked her. She has come to the family's winery to hopefully save it. Her grandfather has fallen ill and Natalie wants to make sure he is ok. As she sees the winery , memories rush back to her. There was a great loss in the family years ago and Natalie is still haunted by it. Can she face her nightmares and find peace and pick up the pieces of her shattered life? She has her hands full trying to keep on top of all the daily chores of running the winery. Her grandfather is thankful to see Natalie and hopefully with her help, the family business can be profitable again.

Tanner has been running the winery and when he discovers that Natalie is there, he is not sure if he should be happy to see her or start looking for another job. I loved how the author described how wine is made and how detailed she was . I could smell the wine as it was being processed and envisioned the delicate taste as the wine poured slowly into a glass. It is not easy running the place, but Tanner is hopeful that Natalie has an open mind. Tanner has some personal issues he needs to face and it is getting harder for him to ignore it.

When Natalie has a problem while driving one evening, she turns to Tanner to help her. It is hard for Natalie to explain why she had to pull over on the road. When she tells Tanner that she has PTSD, I felt his heart soften a bit. She is not the same person he use to know and wants to help her get past her bad memories. Is Natalie ready to face the past ?

 I loved the relationship between Natalie and her grandfather. She came to take care of him, but he wants to help her with her past. His sincere compassion for her is heartwarming and I have  to say I had tears in my eyes. The love he has for his granddaughter is beautiful and makes me miss my own grandfather. Natalie and Tanner are both struggling with their faith. They each must find a way back to God, learn to forgive and let go of the past. Will they be able to do it? Will Natalie close the family business? As I turned each page, I could feel the turmoil and pain the characters were going through. This  book is one I will never forget. It showed me how to let go of my past, trust again, forgive myself and soak in His presence .

'And forgiveness fell like sweet rain upon the thirsty ground of her soul."

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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