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I love books that contain  several stories and fill your heart with hope and joy. The author has done a great job of capturing the time period and given us characters that are strong, determined and faith filled. Each story is enchanting and I loved how the author brings each character to life. This is one collection that you don't want to miss.

My Candy Valentine
I loved reading about how candy was made and the hard work that it takes to make beautiful chocolates, ribbon candy and much more. Wouldn't it be fun to have your own candy store? After each batch of candy is made, you could sample one and taste the different flavors exploding in your mouth.

Catrina Jensen is known for her delicious candies and is kept busy filling orders each day. She has worked hard to make her candies a success. What happens when a gentlemen comes in the shop to offer her a business deal that will make her candies famous? Can she trust Gilbert Williams or is he there to steal her business? This is a delightful story with a bit of romance and a lesson in trusting God.

Love's Glory
The story opens with excitement as a plane is seen in the sky. The crowd is eager for it to land to welcome home Alfred and his friend Smitty. The story is set in 1919 and the author vividly describes the plane as it flies through the sky ready for landing. I could feel the excitement as Beth and Agnes waited as the plane touched down. To Beth's surprise Garan steps down from the plane. The shock on her face is easy to see. Everyone thought that Garan had died during the war, but here he was.

Garan has a lot to make up for with Beth , but she has a surprise that will change everything. I loved the reference to The Wizard of Oz and the name Dorothy. That is my all time favorite movie and I never miss a chance to watch it. This story really touches on some emotional moments. What happens when a secret is revealed? Can Garan and Beth forgive each other and themselves? The author does  an amazing job of describing the war and the many dangers the war presented.

The reunion with Beth's family was very touching. It is hard sometimes to forget about the past. Will Beth's father forgive Garan for hurting his daughter ? I loved the theme of forgiveness in this story . It's funny that we think if we keep a secret no one will ever find out. God has a way of revealing secrets and allowing  grace and mercy to follow. Don't miss this great story of learning to forgive and the importance of family.

Tobogganing For Two
We are introduced to two  sisters full of life having fun riding toboggans until one day disaster happens. Laura and her sister, Eliza are changed forever when something goes terribly wrong. I admired Laura and her dedication to helping her sister who cannot walk anymore. Laura has carried guilt about the accident and I loved how the author showed how Laura couldn't  let go of the past. Have you ever done something that you couldn't forgive yourself for?

As the sisters travel to Plymouth, Nebraska they are excited to see their aunt and to meet a doctor that can possibly help Eliza become a bit more independent. I loved Dr. Jay Andrews immediately. He has a strong desire to help others . He will have his hands full with Laura hovering over her sister. Laura and Jay will have some things they need to overcome and I loved how they prayed and asked God to help them. It is a wonderful story of forgiveness, new beginnings and trusting God.

Christmas Visitors
From the beginning of this story I could feel the emotions stirring within me. I love Christmas stories and this one really touched me. Alex and Josh came to know Cora when a tragedy struck. Cora is a very caring person and has been there to help others in need. I loved the connection between the story about a young couple taken in by an innkeeper and Cora doing the same.

As Christmas approaches, three women arrive at Cora's place looking for a place to stay. It is no accident they have arrived at Cora's place. God has placed these three women there to help  Alex face his past , heal his heart and forgive someone that needs him. Cora will find herself dealing with the past as well. I loved this story so much and the ending is very moving as I felt tears run down my face.

Angel in Disguise
Rosie has not had an easy life. She is known as a thief but when she asks Jesus into her heart, she is a new person. She wants to follow His ways and help others that are struggling. I loved this story because it talks about those who are struggling to survive. Everyday there are people who go hungry, have no place to live and own very few clothes. We are to help those in need, but sometimes we forget about the people around us. Rosie has a big heart for the poor and decides to do something to help. She can't understand why the church she attends isn't doing anything to help the less fortunate. Not everyone in the church trust Rosie and she is not treated fairly. It reminds me how we may treat the homeless. Do we turn our backs on them? Are we guilty of judging someone because of their past?

I loved how Owen could see past Rosie's mistakes and treat her with kindness. He knows that others don't want to be around her, but they need to be reminded that we are forgiven and now are new believers. Rosie is so sure she is doing the right thing by helping her neighbors but she will soon find out that she may be breaking the law. Will Owen be able to help Rosie? Will others reach out and help their neighbors? This is a great story that focuses on helping others without judging.

Each story is beautifully written and I loved how the author had scriptures throughout each story. The boom is a great reminder that God forgives, does miracles and loves unconditionally.

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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