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This collection of stories will have you laughing, crying and cheering for the couples as they try to find happiness. Each author brings their own unique writing style and gives readers hours of delightful stories . I don't have a favorite because I thought every story was beautifully written. Don't miss your chance to get your copy to enjoy.

Second Impressions by Pepper Basham
What a delightful story this is. The details are so picturesque and helps readers visualize the setting. I absolutely adore Nora. She is very smart and a huge Jane Austen fan. Her family is always trying to play matchmaker and leads to some funny encounters for her. As her birthday arrives, she knows what is about to happen. A grand party with lots of food and perhaps a romantic meeting is in store for her.

She is quite surprised by the gift she gets this year. Her dream vacation to Bath, England to attend the Jane Austen festival is coming true. There are many surprises awaiting her and a chance meeting with Ethan. What a dashing character he is. They have some tense moments but oh my are they funny . Will Nora finally meet the man  of her dreams? Is Ethan trustworthy? Don't miss this wonderful story of chance meetings and characters that jump off the pages.

Mowed Over by Christina Coryell
This story was a bit different for me. I loved Willow and her free spirit as I call it. She has a great job drawing fairies and seems to have fans who love her characters. She sure can be crazy at times and when she runs into Clint I almost fell out of my chair laughing. He is mowing the lawn and suddenly some crazy little thing comes running outside to stop him. She thinks Clint is a hillbilly with his long beard. So what does Clint think of her rainbow hair? Will these two ever become friends? It's a battle of the lawnmower vs rainbow in a cute story that I loved reading.

An Informal Affair by Heather Gray
Lia and Maverick are great friends . They enjoy each other's company and have a blast telling each other about their disastrous dates. A dare has placed them in the online dating scene. Their dates are funny and horrible at the same time. Have you ever done online dating ? It's like rolling a dice. You never know what you are going to get. I'm not sure who has the worse dates but Lia and Maverick can't wait to share with each other.

What happens when they both decide to try a new dating site? They discover  that it is a Christian dating site so hopefully they will not have to deal with people who are less than truthful. Maverick is such a great character. He is funny, smart and loves God. I loved the true friendship Lia and Maverick have and loved their interaction. They are so comfortable with each other. The story has a bit of mystery which really intrigued me. I found myself telling Lia that the man of her dreams is right in front of her. Do you think she heard me? Will Lia and Maverick find their soul mates? The author gives readers characters with great morals and I loved how they always turned to God for His direction.

A Heart Restored by Elizabeth Maddrey
I love watching shows about renovations and seeing all the beautiful designs . The author does a great job of making readers front row seats to a couple who does remodeling. It was fun to read about Deidre and her big undertaking of a beautiful and historic home. I loved her determination and ideas. She is struggling with her relationship with God and trying to trust again. When she meets Jeremiah her guard is up. Jeremiah is a great person and wants to help Deidre on her project. The story is written well and I loved how Jeremiah shared his faith with Deidre. Will Deidre learn to trust again? It's a great story about finding your way back to God and mending your heart. I loved how the story really shows how people struggle with hurt and find a way to overcome it.

Unleashing Love by Jessica R. Patch
The opening of this story is so funny and with the authors great words I saw the scene as if I was right there. Emma Kate  is a hoot and I love her sassy attitude. She  is petite and is walking a dog that could be mistaken for a pony. She has been wanting to meet the well dressed man she sees most days on her walk. Griff is none to happy when he is run over by this huge dog. The interaction between him and Emma  Kate are priceless. I wonder if Griff is upset or embarrassed by the incident? Guess sometimes first impressions are not always good .

Things just seem to go from bad to worse for Griff. After getting bad news he is now trying to decide what to do about his niece. The baby is only nine months old and after calling his dad, it is clear that the baby is not something his dad wants to deal with. I found Griff's father to be cold and distant. What  would make him feel nothing for his family? After a big misunderstanding Emma Kate finds herself in a sticky situation. Will she help Griff out? The story is funny and at times emotional. I loved that they were both looking for acceptance and willing to take a chance on each other. The story made me cry at times. It is hard to not feel wanted by your family . Can Griff forgive and let someone very special into his life?  You don't want to miss this story about a man who hates dogs, a woman who loves dogs and a baby that needs love.

A (Nearly )Normal Nanny by Krista Phillips
The sparks  are sure to fly when Mari the nanny is suddenly surprised by an intruder in the home she stays at. She must keep the children safe so she does the only thing she can think of. There is just one little problem after she knocks the intruder in the head. Did someone forget to mention that the children's uncle was back in town?

Brandon has come back to his sisters place to stay after a concert tour has been cancelled. Brandon is fun and likes to take chances. Mari is serious about her duties as a nanny and it's a perfect setup for lots of laughs as two people try to make the best of an uncomfortable setting. Will Mari lighten up and get some fun back into her life? Can Brandon show Mari that it's ok to trust others and to let go?  I thought this was a perfect story that shows opposites attract.

That's When I Knew by Laurie Tomlinson
I loved the story of Chelsea and Nick. Chelsea has a big heart and loves sports which is a big plus for guys. Nick is excited to see Chelsea after such a long time. They shared a lot of great memories. Will there be a reconnection between them? Chelsea finds delight in the small things that Nick remembers. I loved the scene when they were eating ice cream. It just seemed so relaxed and brought a smile to Chelsea's face. I found Nick's truck to be a great part of the story. Sometimes it is hard to let go of something you hold dear, but that truck may cause some funny moments as it sputters down the road.  The best part of the story is reading that they each listened to God and let their relationship grow with His guidance.

A Time To Laugh by Marion Ueckermann
What a wonderful story this  was. Elizabeth and Brian have  always longed for a child but it never happened. They have done some rewarding mission work over the years and have  decided to settle down and enjoy life . Both of them are in their sixties and ready for a new chapter in their life. God always  has the best timing and what a surprise He has for them.

When Elizabeth and Brian get the news that they are expecting , I could just imagine the look of their faces. I could relate to this couple so much. I remember when I found out I was pregnant after having two teenage boys . I cried and thought that God had a good sense of humor. Much like Elizabeth I embraced my pregnancy and had my share of looks and whispers. I loved how they were so in awe of the miracle God had given them.  There is much emotions in this story and I loved how the author allowed the pregnancy to draw someone to a relationship  with God. Miracles do happen and God has a plan for our lives. We are never to old to be blessed by Him.

I received a copy of this book from one of the authors. The review is my own opinion.

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