Sunday, April 16, 2017


With a powerful beginning I knew this book was going to be an emotionally charged story. It is gritty  and messy with details that can shock people at times. We know things go on in factories  all over the world that are unfair , yet we turn the other way and refuse to address it. That is until the world is stunned by a picture that captures the utter inhumane treatment of workers in a factory far from the United Stated. I loved this book because the author is not afraid to tackle a subject that is deplorable and sickening to see. Is it worth buying  clothes  from a company at the cost of a human life?

With every big company comes power and sometimes greed. Some of the bigwigs ignore the rules in order to make more money. When Cameron was first introduced I wasn't sure if I liked him or not. Would he do the right thing and make workers feel safe? The horrors that take place in one of the company's factories made me cry. To think that a young woman must do the unthinkable to keep her job is so disheartening. From the back streets there is human trafficking, rape and so much underhanded money deals that makes the story jump off the pages. Perhaps some of the language was a bit unsettling but I think for this type of story it was a realistic view of what really goes on.

I appreciate that the author doesn't sugarcoat anything, but goes full force into the world of big corporation vs the deplorable treatment of humans. Josh is a journalist who has a story that can take down many people , but can he do it without putting himself in danger? In the courtroom  the story  will put that fear  on some and others  will scream for justice. Who will win? Will the real traitor stand up and take punishment? Can the judicial system give the plaintiffs cause to celebrate? The writing is aggressive and takes us all over the world to expose the men and women who are greedy enough to sacrifice lives to get ahead. What will be the final verdict? Grab a copy and find out who will be the victor in this action packed thriller.

I received a copy of this book from The Fiction Guild. The review is my honest opinion.

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