Sunday, April 16, 2017


I loved the setting of Indigo Gap, North Carolina. It is a small little town where the people seem nice and the atmosphere is cheery. I thought the author did an amazing job of describing the different crafts in the book. I'm not very crafty at all but I so admire the wonderful craftwork of others.

Cora is a very likable and talented woman. I would love to be a guest at her "wildcrafting" retreat. Just think of all the  talented people you would be surrounded by. Cora is excited to spend time hosting the retreat along with her business partner , Jane  and share her crafting abilities until someone turns up missing. It sure does put a damper on the retreat. How do you make sure your guests are having a great time when police officers stop by with questions? I thought Cora handled  their appearance with grace .

I found it very interesting that a computer game called The Wizard of Oz could be behind the disappearance of the young woman who is missing. There are so many people playing online games these days that you don't really know who you are playing with. Did someone lure the unsuspecting woman into danger? I was not surprised that the first suspect was the boyfriend. Paul is a likable guy but at times I wasn't sure if he was guilty or not. He seems to have such bad luck that it's no wonder he is a suspect. Would you invite a suspect to stay at your house? I wonder what was going through Cora's mind when she said Paul could stay with her?

Cora, her friend Jane and Paul decide they can find the missing woman faster than the police and off they go on a journey that keeps readers guessing at every turn. This is not a typical funny cozy but one that challenges readers to look at topics that aren't easy to read or talk about. I appreciate the authors candor on the topics and the realism written about them. I have come to really like this book and enjoyed the writing style of an author that gives subtle hints of the mystery . What happens when a body turns up? That is when things start really heating up. I loved how the characters seemed to mesh so well together. This is one book you won't want to miss. It has intrigue, surprises and characters that are fascinating . Thanks for a great book that kept me entertained and moved at a good pace.

I received a copy of this book from the Cozy Mystery Book Review Crew and the author. The review is my own. opinion.

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