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Sunday, May 14, 2017


Sydney is such a wonderful character. I loved how the author showed her flaws and struggles. As I read the story I could see a bit of myself in Sydney. She had been carrying guilt for such a long time because of her brother's accident. When her father died she once again blamed herself. Those painful memories have kept her locked away in her own prison where she wouldn't allow herself to be happy. She stopped doing things she loved because the memories were to painful for her. I think in a way she was punishing herself. How many of us go through something traumatic and shut the world out?  When we get hurt we seem to turn away from people and have a hard time trusting anyone.

When Sydney gets an assignment to try to help renegotiate a contract I was excited to see how she would handle the situation. She has been looking to prove herself as a lawyer and maybe this can help her chances of getting a promotion. I absolutely loved the setting in Texas that she traveled to. I could picture the ranch she went to where her client lived. The author does a great job of giving readers insight into rodeos and how to take care of horses.

Jace is a changed man from when Sydney knew him several years ago. His priorities have changed and I loved how his faith played into the decisions he made about his life.  Sydney has a lot to overcome and forgive herself for. Will she be able to open her heart and let Jace in? Jace has his own worries dealing with trying to keep the ranch, helping his brothers while getting to know Sydney again. I loved how each character prayed and asked God for help when the hard decisions had to be made. It's a lovely story that reminds us that we may not deserve a second chance, but God is merciful and gives us grace.

I received a copy of this book from The Book Club Network. The review is my own opinion.

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