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I love books that have several authors stories in them. Readers get to read stories from amazing authors all tucked into a great collection. Each story follows a theme while highlighting each authors creativity. Their writing style may be different but the stories are always a treat to read. This collection is an example of four authors that write beautifully , emotionally and loved filled stories that satisfy their fans.

Winter Kisses by Beth Wiseman

I loved this story because it has humor, family , faith and love sprinkled throughout. How fun it was to see three men move into the daaadi house on the land  where three women live. I laughed as the women spied on their new neighbors. Barbara has gone through a hard time after losing her beloved husband . It is hard for her to even think about another man, but maybe God has other plans. My favorite character was Ruth. She is fiesty, confrontational at times but loves her family dearly. Ruth has her sights on one of the men and it is so endearing to watch their relationship grow. Naomi is the youngest and the other two women think it's time to get her married. One of the funnies things in the book is when one character says, "You aren't the boss of me." The story is funny at times, and emotional at others. The author really does a great job of developing characters that readers can invest in. Will love be in the air at Christmas for these three lovely ladies?

The Christmas Cat by Amy Clipston

Oh my what an emotional love story . I cried through the entire story. Emma is the sweetest person and my heart was heavy for her. She is spending Christmas all alone because the snow is so deep she is afraid to get out in it. Will her friends worry when she doesn't show up for dinner? The love of her life passed away several months ago. They had a great marriage with a few disappointments along the way. Emma is so lonely and knows it will be a hard time for her as she spends her first Christmas without her beloved. A stray cat appears on her back porch and decides to make himself at home. I loved how he strutted in like he had always lived there.

I loved when friends came over to be with Emma on Christmas. As she began to tell her story of her and Henry, I felt like we had traveled back in time. The author does an outstanding job of transforming us back to when Henry and Emma were first married. Their story is so heartwarming and a true romance. I loved how he gifted her with books because he knew how much she loved to read. This story is one that just makes you feel good inside. Hank the cat  as Emma calls him, steals the show at times. He can sense when Emma is sad and goes to her side. Her guests are full of cheer and help Emma spend Christmas with happy memories.

Snow Angels by Kelly Irvin

The story is set in Bee County, Texas which I was just talking about to my husband. I loved how the author talked about how it hardly snows there. Living in south Texas we don't really know what snow is. I thought that Molly was a great character. She is in love with David and is looking forward to being his wife. But sometimes things don't always work out like we plan. When Molly and David are at an auction, David comes  face to face with his past. I can just imagine his heart racing a mile a minute when he sees Bobbie , his girlfriend that left him. She is the last person David thought he would ever see again.

David at one time was in love with Bobbie but chose not to marry her. His faith and family were to important to him. With Bobbie not being Amish, he couldn't walk away from his faith. Molly knows Bobbie has come back to help her ill father, but does she have another agenda as well? I loved how the author showed the turmoil David was going through as he decides who he wants to be with. He knows in his heart what he wants, but will temptation win out? I loved the way Molly trusted God to make all things work out. Will David find comfort in God? This is a great story about trust and listening to God.

Home For Christmas by Ruth Reid

This story grabbed my attention right away when it talked about dog competitions. I love watching the dog shows on TV and try to never miss the Westminister Competition. Lulu sounded like a beautiful dog with maybe a bit of an attitude. Lulu had just won Best of Breed as a standard poodle and was loving the attention. My what a diva she was. Ellie was having a great time at competitions  showing her dog. Ellie decides to get in her RV and visit her aunts farm in Posen, Michigan.

Ellie is relying on her GPS to get her there safely. I have had a few encounters with GPS . I'm not a big fan of them and I think they intentionally get me lost. Since Ellie hasn't seen the farm since she inherited it , she wasn't to surprised that it looked a little different than she remembered. Waiting inside the house will be a big shock for Ellie. Why is there a man standing inside the door? I guess the silly GPS directed her to the wrong place. Ezra explained that she needed to travel a bit more down the road to her aunts place. Poor Ellie isn't making a great impression when she wipes out Ezra's clothesline.

Ellie and Ezra seem to clash over many things including Lulu. Ezra's daughter has taken a real liking to Lulu but Ezra is convinced that the dog should not be around his daughter. Ezra has had a hard time raising his daughter after his wife passed away. Allison has had seizures but Ezra thought they were under control with medication. When Allison starts having seizures when Lulu is around, he is convinced that Lulu is causing them. I really liked the devotion that Lulu had towards Allison. If only Ellie and Ezra could get past their differences, maybe they could have a friendship. The story is filled with emotion and I think Lulu was the star. The dog is very special as Ellie and Ezra find out.

I received a copy of this book from several of the authors. The review is my own opinion.

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