Tuesday, September 26, 2017


What a beautiful story of faith, restoration and hope. The characters are wonderful and I felt a connection to them right away. Charlotte is a great character and I admire her strength and love for others. She is trying to fit in with the Amish and has  even found a boyfriend.  She has had a very hard life and the scene with her burying her mom was very emotional. Her childhood was very difficult . I loved how the author had scriptures throughout the story that was relatable to the issues  characters were going through. It was heartwarming to read how close she becomes to Lena who is having a very devastating health issue.

Andrea is a complex person. She has come to reconnect with her sister Charlotte and leads her to believe that her upbringing was wonderful. I loved how Charlotte welcomed her and her niece into her home. There is definitely some friction between the sisters. Will Andrea open up and tell Charlotte the truth about her childhood? Can they become close and learn to be a family? Andrea became my favorite character because I loved how she was so hungry for acceptance and wanting a relationship with her sister. . Through all her struggles I found her to be a little girl lost. Will she allow God to heal her wounds and accept his unconditional love?

Daniel is a man who loves Charlotte but is having a bit of pressure put on him by the Bishop. He has his hands full with helping his family and dealing with a family illness. I thought the author showed how strong Daniel was and how much faith he had. That is one thing I loved about this book ; faith was so important to the people of this story. Some characters will experience loss, pain and hardship but as they do, the author surrounds them with a loving community and God's love. Charlotte and Andrea both have things in their past that have kept them from moving forward? Can they find peace and let go of the past?

"We are not products of a past environment. We are who we choose to be."

I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.

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