Wednesday, November 29, 2017


This book is on my list for top picks for 2017. The emotions in the story were so real, I cried along with the characters. Two families each dealing with a tragedy come together with food and compassion to heal. I would love to sit at the table with these families and listen as they share their pain and encouragement. 

Kayla was such a sweet character and I love how she tried to look after her younger brother. When you lose someone due to their job , it’s hard to watch another of your family members want to follow in their footsteps. Her family has gone through a devastating loss and are trying to move on. I really liked Nathan and wanted to give him a hug. He seemed so mature for his age and handled his grief very well. What I liked best about him was his eagerness to be a volunteer firefighter like his older brother. This did cause Kayla distress and made Nathan a bit upset. Her fear was real to her and something she will have to deal with. Have you ever been afraid something bad was going to happen and let fear take over?

Jamie is a hard worker and seems to keep himself going in circles with all his responsibilities. Can you remember a time you said “ I’ll fix that soon, or I’ll get to it as soon as I can?” Those words will become the focal point for Jamie when something happens that I didn’t see coming. I wept as I read what the family was going through and felt so sorry for Jamie. He carries guilt over the accident and that fuels him to take on more work. Being a volunteer firefighter gives him an outlet to try and save everyone. Will he be able to forgive himself for something he thinks is his fault?

When the two families meet, I loved how they touched each other’s lives by offering compassion and support. The author does a great job of allowing each character to heal in their own way. I loved how the characters learned to trust again and slowly bring two families together. The book is so touching that I didn’t want it to end. I felt like I was sitting at the table with each family watching them interact with each other. Very few authors can write a story that can make you feel like you are there with the characters. This author has done an amazing job of allowing readers to feel like part of the story. As I read the book, I forgot everything around me. I loved reading how Kayla and Jamie became friends and slowly allowed God to bring them closer together. The title of the book is powerful to me, because it represents to me that there is always a place at the table to find forgiveness, healing and love. 

I purchased a copy of this book and the review is my own opinion.

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