Monday, January 22, 2018

I may be one of the few who really got the meaning of this book. I thought it was brilliant writing and I’m still shaking after reading it. I’ve read a few reviews which said they didn’t like it because it was published by a Christian Publishing company with no scripture reference through the entire book. I’m reviewing the book on the context not what I think should be in there. Being a Christian doesn’t mean you have to only read books that quote scripture or reference God. The book was an awakening to me because out there is evil. It is right beside us everyday, it sneaks into our thoughts and can consume us at anytime.

From the beginning of the book, I knew it was going to be a dark almost demonic book. I wasn’t prepared for the depth the author took readers to. I shivered as the book opened with someone realizing they have been buried alive. My heart beat faster as I imagined being that person trapped. I would be going crazy trying to get out. Michael is the one trapped and I felt every scratch he made as he tried to crawl out of what must have felt like hell.

I loved Michael because the author wrote him so well. He is a very troubled soul who all his life felt a desperate need to be wanted. The horrific crime he commits as a child is unthinkable. I did find it odd that he would be sent to a prison with adults but as I read the story, I understood the purpose. Do you believe in guardian angels? Are there demonic spirits around waiting to devour us? Michael has known nothing but what it feels like to locked away with just your thoughts for years. What happens when he returns to the town he once lived in? The book is undeniably dark, scary and delivers a message that there is good and evil in this world. Michael must fight from inside him to rid the darkness. Is he strong enough to survive? Can he control the darkness that lives deep inside, or will it destroy anytjung in its path? I must applaud the author for his upfront take on a subject very few write about. I loved his candor and thought the characters were suspenseful and strong. This is one of the best thrillers I have have ever read on this subject. I hope to find more books from this talented author.

I received a copy of this book from The Revell Blogging Program. The review is my own opinion.

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