Tuesday, March 27, 2018


The author has written an enchanting story of two people who were in love, but drifted apart. Catherine is such a sweet and caring person. She can't figure out why the love of her life suddenly stopped seeing her. You can feel the anguish she carries deep within her. Have you ever loved someone and they one day without explanation, disappeared from your life? Catherine's pain is so deep, I could feel her emptiness.

The story is very emotional and takes us on a journey of forgiveness and rediscovery. When Catherine and her mother suffer a great loss they are shocked and emotionally spent. I loved how the author turns the story when Catherine's past walks in the door. Jonathan is vert straight forward and seems to do everything he can to ignore Catherine. How is it possible that Catherine's future is now determined by her lost love Jonathan?

There is no doubt that Catherine is hurt and angry when Jonathan has taken over their home and has been given a noble title. The richness of the Regency period is undeniable in this beautifully written book.  I loved the description of the beautiful land and the attires that women wore. They are very prim and proper and all vying for Jonathan's attention. It must be hard for Catherine to watch women swoon over Jonathan. The author writes of lost love in a romantic way while showing us how hard it is to hold on to hope. Will Catherine and Jonathan be able to forget the past and find happiness again? Don't miss this lovely story of hope, forgiveness and love that runs deep between two people.

I received a copy of this book from Kregel Blog Tour Services . The review is my own opinion.

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