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Tuesday, April 23, 2019


This story is one that takes you to a small community where people help others, encourage them and along the way find healing. It’s hard to say which character I liked the most because each one had depth, needs and wanting a place to belong.

The author gives us a story of several people who each need healing from their past while letting go of fears. I could relate to Jeannette because I too like to stay isolated. She has a wonderful tea room where the community comes for special treats and an atmosphere of friendship. It is hard for her to open up and give friendship but I have a feeling her new neighbor will become important in her life.

Logan has his hands full with raising a niece he hardly knows, starting a new job and trying to control an energetic puppy. His niece is hurting from being moved from one place to another. Molly needs stability, friends and love. Most of all she needs to know that she is important. Logan is a very caring person and really goes out of his way to make Molly feel at home. Losing family is hard on the little girl and I cried as I wanted to give her a big hug.

The other characters in the book are from Syria. They have come to Driftwood Bay to start over after a tragedy in their country. The significance of them in the story is powerful as Jeannette will be asked by God to come out of her comfort zone to help this family in a unique way. I loved how the author threaded each character into a story that touched on faith, hope and reaching out to others.  The story is well written with a lesson for each of us to be His hands and feet. The community comes together to help a family in need and in the process helps others in the community to let go of fear and trust God.

I received an advanced copy of this book from Librarything Early Reader program giveaway and Revell  Publishing . The review is my own opinion

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