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Sunday, July 14, 2019


 This was an especially intriguing book to read. I love learning everything I can about the Pony Express. Can you imagine getting your mail from a young man who rode a horse as fast as he could across country? The mail you receive may be old news by the time you receive it. I loved how the author described how fast the horses traveled to the way  stations and barely stopped long enough to get a fresh horse, deliver the mail and take off with a fresh pouch filled with mail going to other cities. We all know the saying about how the mail is delivered come  rain , hail  , sleet or snow. These men lived that everyday.

Jackie is running the station on her own since her father passed away. The town she lives in is barely a town with few buildings and a handful of people. You could tell everyone was close and I loved how they had church every Sunday sitting around a table. Their discussions were lively and everyone came away with a renewed sense of His presence. I would love to be part of this little town and experience all it had to offer.

There are two intriguing mysteries going on in the story that kept me glued to the book. One is about forgery and the other is about a woman and baby who disappeared a long time ago. Two men show up in town to investigate for their employers. One will take on the forgery case while the other will
try to determine if he has finally found the lost child that his employer has been searching for.

Elijah is a wonderful character and intends to help his employer with a special request. Elijah finds himself in a little town where Jackie is. I think he was impressed that she was running the station and had everything under control. There is an abundance of historical facts in the book which I loved reading about. I thought Elijah was an honorable man and I liked how he felt protective of Jackie.

It is a great story about forgiveness, redemption and faith.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.

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