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Thursday, July 18, 2019


Have you ever wondered what happens to letters that can’t be delivered for some reason? Penny works at the dead end office opening mail that can’t be delivered hoping she can figure out where they really need to be sent to. I would love that job. Can you imagine the letters you may read of someone looking for a lost love? Penny takes her job serious and is determined that one such letter needs her extra care in delivering it to the rightful owner.

Thomas has poured his soul out to a woman in letters that reach Penny’s desk. They are moving and very personal which causes Penny to go the extra mile and find this woman. I think Penny was starting to have feeling for Thomas who she has never met.  Going on an  adventure Penny finds herself in the same town as Thomas.

Penny is a good character and I think she is looking for a purpose in her life and someone to love her. Maybe that is why she has started a friendship with Thomas. She knows his thoughts and has read his inner most struggles so perhaps she can help him forget about this woman he has been writing to.

There is a bit of mystery surrounding Thomas that I couldn't wait to find the answer to. Why did he keep writing this woman who it seems he has hurt emotionally? What dark secrets from his past is he running from? The author does keep my attention as she writes a story that is emotional and filled with danger. It is a great lesson in forgiveness and vengeance. Anger can cause someone to do things they wouldn't normally do. In this story the author does a great job showing what grief and anger can do to someone and it sure hit home for me.

Letter writing use to be the best way to correspond between people. Today we are all texting, emailing, leaving messages and losing that personal relationship by not writing our feelings down so so others can read them. I would love to get letters in the mail from people. Maybe someday we will pick up letter writing again  and have words to cherish and keep.

I received a copy of this book from Librarything's Early Reviewers Program. The review is my own opinion.

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