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About the Book

Book: Trial by Patience
Author: Tabitha Bouldin
Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance
Release Date: August 12, 2019
trial by patience coverDanny Solomon operates Break Away Acres, an equine therapy center for abused kids and teens. As a former abuse victim, Danny knows how important it is to let these kids know that someone still cares. God has blessed Danny with a gift: the ability to see the past of anyone who meets his eye. The information he is given through this gift allows him to know how he might best help those around him.
Phoenix Nichols is Danny’s new trail guide. Her job is to help with the horses and keep an eye on the kids. With a past more painful than anything Danny has ever encountered, he finds himself unable to resist trying to help. When her past becomes her present, her trust in Danny is the only link she has to finding God…and peace.

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About the Author

Tabitha BouldinTabitha is a small-town girl with an oversized imagination. She grew up creating characters and enjoys giving them life through words and pages. Just one year shy of obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing, she plans to make sure her characters stand the test of time. When not writing or reading, you’ll find her either homeschooling her two boys or outside digging a new flower bed for her roses.

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Danny and Phoenix are the main characters in Trial by Patience, but Danny isn’t a new character. As part of The Trials series, Danny is introduced in book 1 as a scrappy six-year-old. Two years after I finished writing book 1, he’s twenty-eight. (Don’t you love how time can be manipulated in the literary world.) Fun fact: When I wrote book 1: Trial by Courage, I had no idea Danny would get his own book. God works in mysterious ways and His sense of humor astounds me. I had a million ideas and half-started manuscripts littered my desk but I had no idea what to focus on next. Within two weeks of Trial by Courage’s release, three people asked me when Danny’s story would be ready. The first time, I blinked slowly and shrugged (I wasn’t about to tell them I had no intention of writing about Danny). Second time, I laughed. Third time, I knew it was an honest question and I started writing. A year later, I typed THE END, had an author copy printed and handed it over to my sister for proofing. Little did I know I wasn’t anywhere near finished. Danny’s story would NOT leave me alone. I was constantly trying to reassure myself that it was done, just minor adjustments…boy was I wrong! Six months ago, I realized I needed to change the ending, which lead to a complete rewrite of the last half of the book and major changes in the beginning chapters. Talk about scary, and exciting, but mostly scary. I even made another copy of the original script in case I changed my mind about this new ending. I shouldn’t have worried. I’m in love with this new copy and every angsty minute that went into making Trial by Patience the book it is today.


This book has been the hardest book I have ever read about abuse. The author does an excellent job of describing the horrible trauma Phoenix and Danny go through. Danny has been fighting his demons for years with flashbacks that cause nightmares. he may be an adult now but he still hasn't escaped the terror he faced many years ago. I loved how he started Break Away Acres. The focus of the place is for abused children and teens to come to the ranch to ride horses. While they are there, they are loved on and feel safe. Danny is a natural when it comes to reaching hurting kids. He knows first hand what it is like to be so scared that he wants to hide. 

Phoenix was my favorite character because I could relate to her on a personal level. She has a big chip on her shoulder and an attitude to match. Being hired at Break Away Acres is a means to find safety for her. Her experience with horses helps her get the job as trail boss. Taking a group of children on a trail ride is therapeutic and gives them a place to be a kid with no threat of harm. I loved the way Phoenix relates to the children. She finds herself able to reach a tough as nails young boy which I think surprised her.

The story centers around abuse and the affects it causes. Some may experience nightmares, flashbacks, fear, shame, and not able to trust. The author explores these in a way that not only is hard to read but lets readers know that there is help. Her ability to show how God is there to protect us is a big point in the story. Phoenix is in fear for her life and Danny has a hard time making her feel safe on the ranch. I had tears running down my cheeks as I read the book. I felt the fists as they punched innocent people and I felt anger when the abuser walked away without any remorse. Abusers will prey on the innocent or weak. They know just what to say to gain their victims trust, then pounce on them. 

Phoenix has experienced physical and emotional abuse all her life. She has never felt loved or wanted. Fear is a funny thing. It can cause you to run or find freedom. It is hard to trust anyone and I understood her feeling of claustrophobia. She didn't like someone behind her and her eyes darted from side to side all the time. That is not living, but being trapped. There are two very important things I took away from this story. The first one is to surrender to God and allow Him to take your pain away. Find peace and safety in His presence. The other thing is as long as you allow the abuser to continue they have power over you. Danny and Phoenix both with find themselves facing their past in different ways.  The ending is action packed and brings forgiveness to someone who many would feel didn't deserve forgiveness. We must forgive as many times as it takes. God wants to set us free and live without fear or regret. 

Even though the book was hard for me to read, I am thankful that the author was willing to expose what abuse does and lead readers to answers to heal. It was important for these two characters to share their story with children, because they understood exactly what they have experienced. Hope is there waiting for us. We all need to be more compassionate and help others who feel useless, abused. unloved and hopeless. My hope is that this book will help others who have felt powerless for too long. 

I received a digital copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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