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Saturday, May 8, 2021


About the Book

Book:  A Second Chance for Grace

Author: Karen Malley

Genre: Christian Women’s Romantic Fiction

Release date: April 23, 2021

A new life coming into the world disrupts Susan’s quiet life.

Susan Montgomery is used to a quiet, peaceful life managing her apartment building, where the hardest problem is her grouchy neighbor’s leaky faucet. She soon finds herself dealing with a pregnant teenage niece, a mysterious briefcase left behind by a tenant, and two very different men vying for her heart.

A near-death experience gives Mac a new outlook on life.

Christopher “Mac” MacAllister is trying to figure out how to “do the Christian thing.” As a new convert, he’s drawn to Susan’s love for life and for God. She’s nothing like the women he used to date; but can Mac compete with the guy who’s come out of nowhere and knows all the right things to say?


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About the Author

Karen is an author of Christian fiction. She lives in Southeastern Pennsylvania with her husband and two sons. She works full time as a scientist, but enjoys writing in her spare time. When not writing (with her left hand), she enjoys camping, hiking, playing board games, and especially reading! She loves reading faith-based stories, because we can all use a happy ending.


More from Karen

Follow your heart or your head?

In my early days in college, I dated a young man who wasn’t a Christian, but that didn’t stop my attraction to him. My heart wanted to be with him, but my head knew better. Later, another young man entered my life who was perfect for me on paper. He was kind, intelligent, taught Sunday school… We went out one time, but there wasn’t a spark. I decided I had to find the guy who captured both my heart and my head.

Fast forward to the summer before my junior year, and a third young man entered the picture. He was fun to be around, made me laugh, and believed in Jesus. We became friends and spent a lot of together before I finally admitted my attraction to him. Having been hurt before, I vowed not to get involved unless God was in it. I prayed about it, felt God’s blessing, and we’ve now been married over 20 years.

In A Second Chance for Grace, Susan finds herself in a similar situation. Mac instantly captures her heart, but circumstances cause her to doubt whether he’s the right man for her. When she meets Sam, she finds he checks all the boxes on paper, but she can’t seem to convince her heart he’s right for her. Having been in the same situation, it was easy for me to write about Susan’s dilemma.

Susan navigates many twists and turns throughout the book, from her pregnant niece moving into her apartment, to dealing with a mysterious briefcase left behind by a tenant, to trying to solve the dilemma of which man to choose. Through it all, she tries to follow God’s will for her life.

A Second Chance for Grace is the second book in the Pine Springs series. Mac and Susan meet in the first book, Following the Sparrows. To learn more about them (and their good friends), you’ll want to read Following the Sparrows first, but it isn’t necessary, as A Second Chance for Grace is a standalone novel.

Just like in real life, the characters in the novel have difficult decisions to make. Sometimes they make the right ones, sometimes they do not. Through it all, God proves He is the God of second chances!


I love when a book comes along and hits all the points of a well written Christian fiction story. The characters are flawed yet willing to change. They each have their own burden to deal with but I loved how the author brought this group of people together to lift each other up. Susan is a good character but  I thought at times she was way to untrusting. It kinda causes her to judge someone unfairly. She does have a strong faith that at times makes her rethink decisions and relationships. She is a good person, yet she pushes away one person but let’s  another into her life without any doubts. I found that a bit odd and couldn’t wait to see how this little love triangle would play out.

I liked Claire and thought she was very responsible as she goes through an unexpected event in her life. Her aunt Susan really steps up to help her and we see how Susan’s example of a Christian makes a difference in Claire’s life. Claire has a big decision to make and I liked how the author handled the subject of teen pregnancy. It was so nice to see the changes in Claire as she slowly developed a relationship with God. 

Mac for me was my favorite character. Oh he did have a not  so good past, but he has turned his life around. As a new Christian I loved his hunger to know more about God as he slowly changed inside. The relationship he has with his son has grown stronger and is a great example to his son. The best part for me was the part in the story where Mac decides he needs to go in person to tell someone  he forgives them. It is not easy to look someone in the eye who has caused you hurt but oh the feeling of peace is worth it. No matter what we have done, God is there with open arms to welcome us to Him.  

The story is a great example of second chances. Isn’t it nice to know that God gives us second chances when we mess up. We need to leave the past behind, forgive those who have hurt us and find peace as we move forward . Our past doesn’t define us because we can change who we use to be and in this story there are several characters that illustrate it. The ending made me cry and I thought how precious it was to witness one more second chance. 

“It doesn’t matter what you did before you became a Christian. What matters is what you do afterwards.” 

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion,

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