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Saturday, April 16, 2022


I have read many books from this author, but in my opinion this is her best one . In this new series the authors delivers a powerful look at friendship, forgiveness and how God works in our lives. I settled in to read a few chapters and found myself reading until I finished the book. The story captivated me by the friendship that formed between two Amish people and an English woman. 

In the story we meet  Yvonne who has been sent on a mission to purchase a very rare book from Jake. She is so sure she can close the deal that her confidence is overflowing. Now isn’t it funny how God will find a way to teach us a lesson in the things that we are struggling with. Yvonne has a lot at stake to purchase this book but she doesn’t know that Jake can not be persuaded in any way.

Meeting  Jake was a joy because he is very humble and his faith is strong. I enjoyed reading  about the bookstore he inherited and how much it means to him to keep everything the same. Now if he could just keep that pesky woman from Texas to stop bothering him about a very special book, his life would be simpler. I admire that he was determined to keep his promise to his grandfather and no amount of money would convince him to sale. As an Amish he lives a simple life and his word is everything. The book intrigued me and I wanted to know who wrote it and why it was never to be sold. 

Now for my favorite character who happens to be Eva. There is something special about her with her sweet smile, and a way about her that makes everyone feel at ease. She works hard at the bookstore with Jake and everyone knows that she has feelings for him. Well everyone except Jake. There are some fun moments between the two which made me smile as they dance around their feelings for each other. When Yvonne shows up at the bookstore, Eva feels a tinge of jealousy. She knows that God doesn’t want her to be jealous but her insecurity whispers  untruths to her. 

I loved how the author brought these three people together in a  story where a woman who doubts God finds answers that help her through a very difficult situation.  It was so nice to see a relationship develop between two very special people who rely on God to direct their path.

 I can’t overlook a very emotional scene with Yvonne. This part of the story made me cry as I didn’t expect what happened. The author does an excellent job of bringing Yvonne from great heartache to a place where God could heal her heart. Eva and Jake reach out to Yvonne to comfort her which makes her realize that their friendship has changed her in many ways. Grief is hard and it has no time limit. Yvonne turns to her friends for support and finds not only compassion but God’s unconditional love. 

I received a copy of this book from the publisher and the author. The review is my own opinion.

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