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Friday, January 6, 2023


Wesley is so busy running his family’s Amish market at the holidays, he barely has time for Liesl, the young woman he’s been courting for years. When she suggests her aunt Jenny could help Wesley out, he agrees to the plan. But Liesl neglected to mention her aunt is only twenty-six years old—and as charming as she is hard-working.

Jenny, still healing after a painful breakup, welcomes the distraction of working at the market. She soon realizes Wesley is everything she ever dreamed a man could be. But how can Jenny even think about romance with the man Liesl expects to marry?

But Liesl’s own feelings are more complicated than she’s willing to admit. With humor, faith, and a little help from their friends in the community, everyone might just find what their hearts are looking for this Christmas at the Amish market.


I loved this story because it deals with emotions in a very realistic way. I enjoyed reading about  the market and all the charming items sold there. As Christmas nears the store is very busy and Wesley is having a hard time keeping up with the store. With his parents away so his dad can get some rest, he thinks it is time to get some help at the store. It sure was a surprise who he hired and who suggested the person. I could already see the twists coming as couldn’t wait to see what the author would do with these characters. 

Liesl is a little frustrated with her beau, Wesley who is so busy at the store he has little time for her. I had a feeling that Liesl was feeling left out from his life and keeps herself busy sewing and helping her neighbor Roland with his little girl. I loved this part of the story because the author allows this relationship to start as friendship and being  able to help others out. I wonder if Wesley showed her more attention, would she be drawn to someone else? 

Now we have Jenny, Roland and Lilly that come  into the picture that rounds out our cast of characters. I loved Jenny and her strong desire to help her niece out. They have a good relationship even though they are a few years apart. They could be sisters really because they are so close in age. Jenny comes to help out and her presence lights up the room at the 0lace she has taken a job at. Will she find love while she is here staying with her niece and family? 

 A quick note about Roland and Lilly. A man who is trying to run a farm while taking care of his adorable daughter on his own is very hard, but his love for his daughter keeps him going. I liked that Lilly took to a certain someone and helped this person see how important she is. There is a good illustration about helping others, trusting God and listening to your heart. With the twists in the story it gets a little complicated  but I admire how the characters were honest with each other and trusted God to work all things out. 

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