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Monday, January 2, 2023


This is a wonderful book that shares the meaning of Christmas through several characters. I loved each of them and enjoyed how the author illustrates family, love and hope. I really like Judith and how much she helped her family out. As much as she works, she has little time for herself. It’s is a busy time at the shop and customers seem to be coming from everywhere. 

Ben has been away for awhile and comes back to sale his family’s home. He doesn’t have good memories here and can’t wait to leave the town forever. God has a way to change our direction when we least expect it. Who would have thought that Ben would be working with Judith at her family’s store for the holidays?

The story shared how one couple is happy yet there was something that was missing. Lilly tries so hard to cook and be a dutiful wife. What she needs to find is her confidence and trust that  her husband adores her. 

Rebecca was probably one of my favorite characters. Her family is poor but she is embarrassed for anyone to find out. If only she would let the community know they need help, things would be easier for her and her family. Pride is something we all struggle with at sometime and Rebecca will learn that lesson through someone special. 

I loved how the author showed what the true meaning of Christmas is as we read how the characters experience unconditional live, acceptance and Jesus. 

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