Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Blessing by Lyn Cote

I received a copy of this book from book for an honest review

This story centers around several characters , one which is  Blessing Brightman a widow. When her husband died, she became wealthy and very independent . Gerard Ramsey runs into the fiercely independent Blessing at of all places, a women' s suffrage meeting. This was not a pleasant encounter at all.  Gerald happens to be the son of a wealthy gentleman from Boston.  For some reason, Gerard takes it upon himself to get involved in his cousin's personal life. They both move to Cincinnati where Stoddard, the cousin has come to court Blessing's friend, Tippy.

When Gerard moves, his father cuts him off and leaves him having to fend for himself. What type of business venture will Gerard get involved in? As he begins to run more frequently into Blessing, will  there be an attraction to each other? Grace who is a Quaker has become involved in some movements that could be very dangerous. Will he help her or turn his back on the determined woman?

The author does an amazing job of two history making incidents, which were the anti-slavery movement and women's suffrage. The historical facts are precise and very detailed.  As I read the book, the author drew me back to a time that was hard for people and the struggles they went through. The story flows with  excitement and an appreciation for an era that was an important historical value to many. I learned while reading the book that Cincinnati was a valuable place for runaway slaves. The author did such an intense research of this historical era, that I was amazed at the facts that made the story so powerful. She goes a step further in adding Historical notes at the end of the book.

I enjoyed the effort that was given in making sure that historical facts were correct , while writing an intense well thought provoking book. I look forward to reading more of her books.

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