Friday, September 18, 2015


How can you not like a book that has witty , sarcastic banter between two people? Jodie , who was dumped at the altar over a year ago  decides to be reckless one day. She dresses herself up, bling and all and off she goes to do something crazy . What a great idea she has by crashing a wedding , or so she thinks . To her rescue is the dashing yummy Jake Coronado, who helps her get into the wedding. Oh my Jodie, what have you gotten yourself into?

The story moves at a great pace with characters who are  attracted to each other with a chemistry that sends sparks flying. I always love reading Lori's books because they are so funny and utterly charming . There are lots of surprises in the book and both characters have let's say "baggage"  they need to work on. It's a love story at its best with strong characters, laughter and even a mysterious magical  hope chest .  Will Jodie and Jake have a lasting relationship? Can they overcome their past hurts and find love? It's another great story from one of the best romance authors around .

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