Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Like a well oiled machine , the next installment in the Boston Brahmin series is precise in its rise to the top of its genre. The story delivers a heartpounding ride as an aircraft is overtaken. The captain and his crew are at a loss as to how someone could intercept their fireproof state of the art computer system. Beware people, the hackers are back and more daring than ever. Finally as the captain retains control of the aircraft, a message pops up on the computer screen. It says, "Thank you for flying with Zero Day Gamers Airways." That's about the time I would gather my family , run like hell and bunker down. The attacks become more frequent, more powerful and more realistic.  The government is doing underhanded deals while trying to stay in control. Sounds like a page ripped from the latest breaking story in America right now. Bobby has stepped up his game and added new dimensions to characters with more urgency and survival. The book is a first class thriller with twists that has your heart beating fast as America prepares for the ultimate cyber attack. Bobby's technical knowledge is outstanding and makes the story so believable that an urgency to find shelter should be sounded . America you have been warned. Are you prepared?

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  1. Hi Deana! Thank you so much for this fabulous review and your very kind words on Cyber Attack's review page! You have always been a big supporter of mine and I want you to know I appreciate it. Thank you!