Friday, October 2, 2015


This is a story about Collier and Whitleigh, a young couple married and excited about the future. Collier is a strong  fiercely determined man. Whitleigh is a sweet woman who is proud of her husband serving in the Army. When they discover that their unborn son has serious health issues, their world starts to take a turn into the unknown.

The author does an incredible job of describing Collier's time overseas fighting for his country. The fighting, bombings and loss of life take a toll on him. He has to stay focused on his job as a soldier, yet his thoughts are always about his family. He takes emergency leave  when their son is diagnosed with a heart condition. The news that he needs heart surgery days after being born is overwhelming.

Whitleigh is doing the best she can trying to stay strong for her baby, but when she learns Collier has been called back to duty she almost collapses from emotions gripping her. He is leaving before their son has surgery and all the burden is being left on Whitleigh's shoulder. Who will she turn to for strength?

The story is intense and shows with great detail how PTSD can affect someone . The author gives us characters we cry with, get angry at and pray for. The part of the story where Collier sees his father after many years was written with grace and a great deal of bottled up emotion from both. There is something in this story for everyone. It is not easy to forgive someone, but the author shows the pain and sorrow unforgiveness can do to someone.

The book was so well written and filled with many trials that many couples face everyday while one or both of them are serving our country. Thank you for a book written with compassion for those who serve so that we may be free. There is no time to give up, or walk away, but only a time to be a warrior.

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

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