Friday, October 2, 2015

HARD FALL by P. T. Reade

Thomas Blume finds himself in London determined to find out who killed his wife and son. He retired from the New York  City homicide division and now focuses on finding the killer of his family. After doing a favor for his friend Amir, he is supplied with a rental office space and apartment. Amir believed he owes Thonas because he saved his sister's life. The first thing Thonas needs to do is stop drinking until he falls asleep every night. How will he find his family's killer, if he stays drunk all the time?

Thomas takes on a case as private investigator. He fills sleezy for doing it, but hey it pays the bills . It is the typical husband suspects wife cheating. Thomas gets the proof in pictures and gives it to his client. Sounds like a easy payout. But Thomas doesn't seem to have much luck these days. Who comes knocking on his door? What ultimatum do these men give him?

If that isn't enough to handle, sone strange woman knocks on his door, but she disappears before he can open the door. Who is this mysterious woman? Is there a connection between Thomas's son's disappearance and this woman's son. He knows that  in order to really do an investigation right, he needs to stop drinking

The author does  a great job of creating a character that is down on his luck, determined to find a killer and get his life back. Will helping this woman give him answers that he has been seeking? The author writes at a steady pace will clear and concise direction. It will get you hooked as you follow Thomas on his journey for the truth. The  ending will have you seeking out the next book in this series.

I was given a copy of this book by Librarything for an honest review.

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