Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Lexie Logan is upset as she awaits her family's return home. She has upsetting news and isn't sure if she made the right decision. As her family listens intently, she tells them that she has broken her engagement to Lance. They are surprised and ask her why she broke the engagement . Lexie tells them that Lance wanted to go to Guatemala and have her by his side as they become missionaries .

Her brother comes to her and says, "what does God want you to do?" She told him that she hasn't asked Him yet. But she knows why she hasn't asked the Lord. "Because I'm afraid , Lord! I'm afraid the answer you'll give me isn't what I want to hear." How many times have we done the same thing? We don't ask because we are afraid of the answer. She knows that her place is to be with Lance and become a missionary, but she can't go. She feels she has valid reasons why she shouldn't go and tries to justify her reason to break up with Lance. How many of us hear the call on our life and find excuses to ignore Him?

Lexi dismisses her encounter with God and heads to the university to put her application in for the Master of Arts program. She is told that there will be a little wait before she can speak with a counselor. Lexi decides to go to the library to wait. She grows tired and lays her hear down to rest. Much to her surprise when she wakes up , she is in a strange place. She finds herself in the Kansas prairie in the year 1857.

This begins a journey for Lexi that will bring her face to face with wagon trains, a family that takes her in and an unforgettable story of faith, forgiveness,  second chances  and realizing she can't run from God or her destiny. Will she allow God to show her that she can fulfill her destiny? Can Lexi minister to these people who have opened their home to her?

The author has written a story rich in history and reminds us of the struggles of men and women long ago. Lexi faces many obstacles and sometimes cries out to God  begging Him to let her go home. The story weaves biblical lessons and scriptures that capture the essence of God's love and plans for us. I am so thankful I was able to read this moving story that has a message for everyone. "I will never leave you nor forsake you."

I received a copy of this book from The Book Club Network for an honest review.

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