Saturday, October 10, 2015


You are in for a spritual renewing as you read this very life changing book. Growing up as a preacher's kid, I can totally relate to his description of a pew rat. I went to church every time the doors were open. I acted prim and proper and did all the right things. However,  I didn't grasp the concept of what being a Christian was. As the author explains,"Without the gospel, we lack the proper understanding of any doctrine , and especially a robust knowing of God himself." We need to keep Christ as the center and glorify Him.

This book has so many profound nuggets that I couldn't put it down. It has energized me, opened my eyes to the fact that even though we may drift away from Him, His arms are wide open. He is ready to embrace us, and welcome us back with His unconditional love.

Worship has always been very special to me. It is my time to get lost in His presence and forget everyone and everything around me. I now understand that as we worship, we are being prepared to hear the incredible Word. The words written about the gospel in this book is described by, " the gospel burrows deep into your heart, your joy will be inexpressible , uncontainable, and completely understandable- because Jesus is incredible."

Just as parents are excited to hear from their children, God wants to hear from us. He wants us to spend time with Him, talk to Him, and have a deep relationship with Him.   If we can commit ourselves to Him, the enemy has no way into our lives. It is also important to surround ourselves with "people who aren't fenced in, friends who have the right to speak into your life at any time about anything. You need other Christians who are willing to say the hard things, ones who are ready to speak the truth in love." It may not be easy to hear the truth from your friends, but it is important to have accountability with others. They are there to encourage you, speak truth and love you.

As we renew our relationship with God, we need to be out sharing who He is with others. We are called 'to be His hands and feet" , not to sit around and keep the gospel to ourselves. Thank you for writing such an incredible book that stirs us to the core and fills us with new energy as we ugo out and spread the Good News to others.

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

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