Friday, October 9, 2015


Joy is all set to marry, but suddenly her fiancé backs out and she decides to take the honeymoon trip on her own. She travels to Puerto Rico and stays at a lovely Bed &Breakfast Inn where her friend Ramona is the owner. As a travel agent, Joy knew this would a breathtaking  place to explore, but she never intended to be here alone.

Joy settles in for  her two week stay and meets Ramona's nephew, Ben. He becomes her tour guide and takes her to historic places that Joy had read about. Ben knows that Joy is hurting from the traumatic breakup, but he hopes to ease her pain with kindness. One evening as they are dining at a restaurant the subject of how they each have experienced the loss of a parent and the loneliness it brough lonely was painful to overcome . . Their loss is hard for each of them and Ben tells Joy, "Look at it as the rainbow after the rain. What we see as painful , God can use for good."

The author has written a beautiful story about two people each seeking answers from God to direct their path. Will Joy be able to forgive her fiancé and open her heart to someone else? Can Ben convince her to stay in Puerto Rico? Their relationship begins slowly like a delicate flower and blossoms as they each open their heart to His guiding. They begin to spend more time together and Joy starts to feel relaxed and happy around Ben.

The story is filled with the history of Puerto Rico and sites that take your breath away as the author uses expressive words to make the history come to life.  I loved how she showed Joy praying and seeking God to heal her hurts. The book is a lovely story of taking chances and relying on faith and and listening  to the wisdom God speaks . I encourage readers of light romance to read this book and explore with Joy and Ben as they take you on a journey of love, forgiveness and believing in yourself.  As you read this book remember, "I'm learning we're all broken in some way, but God sees us as perfect ."

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review .

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