Sunday, January 24, 2016


The story is centered around Kate who seems to very good at finding places to hide. She tries to stay out of the way, almost like she isn't really there.  She lives at Harrison Lodge and her family has cottages on the land where they live. It is a family business and they all pitch in to help keep the lodge running. After the renovation, Kate has found more places to conceal herself. She must get to hear a lot of conversations in her hiding places. Does she hear something one day that could cause her harm? Kate is  a lonely child that no one seems to care about except for her grandfather. He loves being with her and Kate is always excited about her time spent with him. Her mother is to busy grieving for Kate's dad who left them. I felt so sorry for Kate at times, that I wish I could hug her.

This story has many different characters thst seem to collide at Harrison Lodge. Charlie has gotten himself mixed up with a gang and soon realizes he needs to find a way to escape from them. When he agrees to do one more job for them, things get out of hand and a 12 year old boy is killed. Charlie finds himself on the run and ends up at the lodge. I loved how the author weaved several families and their stories and found their way to the lodge. What a great place to hide from a distraught family situation, or a man who needs to hide before he is hurt. Can people be forgiven for mistakes? Will others reach out and show love? Does anyone get a second chance?

It is a well written story about redemption , family and seeking forgiveness. The author writes with details that keep you guessing and slips in little plot twists that make you keep reading. This is another well written book by an author who brings a story together with such clarity . If you have not read one of the author's books you are missing out on stories that grip your emotions and hold your attention with such outstanding character development.

I received a copy of this book from The Fiction Guild for an honest review.

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