Friday, January 29, 2016


Heather is a beautiful woman who is a ballerina and comes from a very wealthy family. She is a very determined outspoken person who has aspirations to become a marketing director someday. She does have some things from her childhood that have plagued her few awhile. It has hampered her ability to have a relationship with anyone and she knows that she needs to let the past go.

Chase is a strikingly handsome man who is a youth pastor. He has a deep commitment to his faith and is always available when a young person needs help. His relationship with his dad is strained at times due to his past bad choices, but Chase is always there to help him. His past is heartbreaking and he still blames himself for not being able to help his friend when she needed it the most.

What happens when a wealthy young woman and a youth pastor meet at a wedding? They come from different backgrounds, but does God have a plan for them?

I have read several of the authors' books, but this one is the most beautiful story of faith, forgiveness and love I have ever read. The characters are written with flaws that the author uses to bring them closer to God and to show their vulnerability . We all want to be accepted and loved, but what if we had things from the past that keep us guarded around others? Can Heather find a way to forgive her father and finally break the chains that have held her captive in bitterness and mistrust? Will Chase be able to reach the kids that are walking through a troubled time and steer them to the One who saves?

I loved how the author wrote about the attraction between Heather and Chase without rushing it. The story was so well written I couldn't put it down. It draws on your emotions and guides you with scriptures toward a story that will stay with you forever. This is a love story not just between two people, but also with God as the author's words delicately dance across the pages. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a clean faith filled romance that shares about forgiveness and accepting others.

"It's how we respond to our circumstances that make all the difference."

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