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This book is very well written as it deals with the empty nest syndrome. Ingrid and John are facing a Christmas alone, since their children can't make it home to spend the holidays with them. It is especially hard on Ingrid as  she feels the emptiness of the house closing in on her. There also seems to be a bit of a misstep in their marriage. Perhaps it is the past that is coming between them. Can they work through their pain and find happiness again?

I loved the story as it showed the struggles an older couple may encounter in their marriage. Can they trust God to help them? When an unexpected guest arrives during the holidays, what impact will it have on the couple? Can John help his wife smile again and embrace the holiday? The characters are well written with a depth of strength and hope. I love  the author's books because they always have a way of bringing you into the story with a calmness and gracefulness. This is one author you don't want to miss reading. She brings a story to life and keeps you mesmerized till the end.

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This is a great story about a curious little pig named SassyPants. She lives on a farm and begins to wonder what job she doesto be able to stay there. SassyPants encounters many stranger creatures that teach her valuable lessons. The animals on the farm all are friendly and willing to talk to SassyPants.  She visits each new animal and learns valuable things that will help her to be more confident and care about others.

I loved the animals and their unique charm and humor. The book is a great tool for young children to learn about good qualities to have and how to be a faithful friend. The illustrations were beautiful and fit perfectly with the story. You can't help but love SassyPants and her great adventures on the farm.

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Mica Mosbacher

Mica Mosbacher was barely hanging on. A single mother of a son, she worked in retail while she established a career as an award-winning writer. Feeling unlucky in romance after two failed marriages, she gave up on her dreams. In her early 40s, she met the love of her life, oilman mogul and 28th US Secretary of Commerce, Robert Mosbacher Sr. A modern day commoner who went on to meet and entertain heads of states and Royals, Mica turned out to be a kind of Houston Cinderella.Mica married her prince and soul mate only to lose him to pancreatic cancer leaving her heart broken. But instead of wallowing in pain, she decided to grieve forward. Her brother, a racecar driver, inspired her to learn to race a Ferrari. Testing her personal limits on the racetrack, she discovered her inner strength to move forward.Life brings losses on a regular basis. Whether it’s a garden variety loss or a life changing one―debilitating illness, divorce, death―it requires a resiliency, optimism and faith.


Excerpts from Chapter 8: Racing Ahead

We were intent on making a difference. My daughter-in-law often says that I like to make waves. So does Ellen [Cohen]! Together we united to create a tsunami. A vocal defender of sexual assault victims… (pg. 95)

It was a splendid ceremony, one that marked a middle-class “commoner” proving she was worthy of a prince. Letizia Ortiz represented the future of Spain in a progressive world. (pg.96)

I suppose that’s what reality is: a dream-like experience shattered with the clanging of an emergency. No wonder we lose ourselves in fairy tales. (pg. 97)

I recall being dropped off within walking distance amid a sea of protestors. I admit I was nervous—the protestors seemed very hostile—but I was also upset. While they may not have agreed with Reagan’s policies and actions as President, making a scene at his funeral was, more than anything, disrespectful. (pg. 97)

We [also] saluted our country, which we both held most dear. It was hard not to be affected, after having so recently said good-bye to an American President beloved by many. I remain impressed with Ronal Reagan to this day. He was able to connect with people and bridge differences. In this era of partisan bickering, our country could use someone like him. (pg. 99)

Michele (Mica) Mosbacher, widow of the 28th U.S. Secretary of Commerce and oilman Robert Mosbacher, Sr., was commissioned as an Honorary Consul of Iceland, Houston and Central Texas, in 2010 by the Foreign Ministry of Iceland. She is an author, motivational speaker and proud sponsor of Godstone Ranch Motorsports, a family professional motorsports team that races for charitable causes.

She currently serves on the boards of the Houston Ballet, University of

Houston; and was appointed by Governor Perry to the steering committee of the Aga Khan Foundation. Mica previously served as a director of the American Hospital Foundation, receiving the board’s highest honor presented by Ambassador Howard Leach at the United States Embassy in Paris.

Focused on education, Mica previously served as on the University of Houston’s Board of Regents and the board of Strake Jesuit Prepartory School. Mica implemented Best Friends, a character education program and the Raol Wallenberg Heroes program in the Houston Independent School District in the late 90s.

Mica has chaired numerous charitable fundraisers including Houston Ballet

Ball, Woodrow Wilson Gala, Museum of Fine Arts Costume Institute and American Hospital of Paris Foundation. With her husband Bob, she co-chaired the M.D. Anderson Milestones and Miracles celebration, honoring President George H.W. Bush, that raised more than $10 million (a record at the time). M.D. Anderson Cancer Center’s pastoral outreach group honored Mica, and she was named Pacesetter of the Year by the Cancer Assistance League.

In April of 2011, Houston Mayor Anise Parker honored her with “Mica Mosbacher Day” for her initiation of the prominent public art installation, “On Tolerance,” featuring sculptures by world-class sculptor, Jaume Plensa.

In 2013, Mica was appointed by Her Majesty the Queen to the Order of St. John; in 2012 she was awarded the Silver Good Citizenship Medal, the highest honor from the Texas Society, Sons of the American Revolution. She was named Philanthropist of the Year in 2007 by TAASA (Texas Association Against Sexual Assault). Mica was named Knight Commander of the Order of King Francis I.

In 2008, Mica was inducted into the Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame along with Barbara Bush and other prominent Houstonians. A journalist, she has received prestigious writing awards for feature articles. Her career began in 1972, when as an intern at KPRC-TV/NBC in Houston, she was among the first female reporters on camera and radio and while an intern, Mica acquired an exclusive interview during a famous murder trial. She later pursued a career in print journalism and freelance writing.

A longtime horse lover, Mica is a former champion in the American Saddleseat Amateur Walk-Trot Division. She won her first horse show at the Dallas State Fair riding J Miller and was trained by Charles Smith at Tri-Oaks Stables in Houston.

Active in political fundraising, Mica has served as a co-chair on many statewide and national campaigns.

Born in Gainesville, Florida, Mica resides in Houston and Austin.

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I really enjoy reading historical fiction and finding out intriguing  facts about the time period. This book is set during World War II and the details are so vivid I felt like I was there in the midst the struggles that people were enduring. Alison is a brilliant artist and has a job in her family's art gallery in Amsterdam. She is alone in the world except for her grandfather. When her mother died, the grieve was to much for her father and he left Alison to continue her life with her grandfather. Does she have problems with feeling abandoned by those she loves?

Ian is a British Army Captain who comes to the aid of a young child. The child is playing violin in the Waterloo Station and Ian is seen by Alison helping the child out. She finds the encounter fascinating and begins to do a sketch of the two. Will Ian see her and find her intriguing? Will there be sparks between these two people ?

As Hitler begins his trek for power, the author does an incredible job of writing  about what People were going through to survive. . It was a time of despair and chaos. No one seemed to be safe and Alison risks her own safety to work with the Dutch Underground to find safe places for Jewish children. Ian is in combat and sees the horrors of war. . The story is intriguing, powerful and filled with history that is overwhelming to read at times. The writer has captured a story of survival and love and made a rich captivating book that  is hard to put down.

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What a cute story for kids to read. I am so glad I had the opportunity to read this amazing book. It made me smile and chuckle as I took an adventure with two ladybugs. The writing is great and easy for young children to understand. The main theme is about being a buddy. We all want friends and in this story it illustrates the importance of being a buddy and sticking by them. The best thing a buddy can do is encourage and stand with their buddy in good times and bad times. What an adventure they went on as they overcame fear and took that leap of faith as they experienced skydiving. The illustrations are very cute and appealing . I loved the message in the story which is to stick by your buddy and know that God has your back. I can't wait to read the next adventure these cute little ladybugs will go on.

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As I was growing up I always looked up to my dad as a role model, but unfortunately he was not  the role model I had hoped for. "When father's struggle with being authentic, they leave muddy footprints on little girls' hearts."  But I have learned over the years that he wasn't perfect and I still honor and respect him today even though he has passed away.He was a messed up man but God saw past his imperfections and ordained him as a pastor of a church.

Women sometimes feel like they need to help their husband out when they mess up. What  we really need to be doing is encouraging him, listening  to him, praying for him and waiting on God. . Sometimes I think God needs a little help, but I end up getting in the way. I've learned that God doesn't need any help. He has this. He is there watching over our husbands and knows exactly what they need.

My husband is very talented and smart. He can airbrush murals that are breathtaking and his intelligence is amazing to me. There have been times in his job when he has been discouraged but the best thing I could do for him was pray and stand beside him. Nothing is more true than " the greatest need a woman needs is to feel secure." When that security is taken away, we feel lost and vulnerable. But God wants us to trust Him and know that even though we go through hard times, He is still there and He has a plan.

The book gives us twelve men from the bible and breaks down what each was having problems with. It is very in depth and gives great examples about control , depression, and other issues that the men had to face and overcome. It gives readers practical tools to apply to help our men feel confident and loved. I loved the examples of six things that men fear. They are authority, disrespect, feeling insignificant , failure, illness or death, and women. Those are big things to be fearful of, but God doesn't want us to live in fear. We can't fix our "messed up men" but we can pray for them as God changes them and they become warriors. Thank you for sharing your personal stories throughout the book. The book was very insightful with scriptures and bible studies at the end of every chapter to help us apply what we read . "Remember , it's not about changing messed up men but walking with them and coming to see them as God sees them."

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review."

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Stacy is at her wits end with her teenage son, Hunter. He is depressed, moody and an extremely unhappy person. She enters a contest where one lucky person will get to spend the holidays with the  famous Robertson family of Duck Dynasty. She knows the chances are slim that her son will win, but when she receives  word that indeed her son will be enjoying Christmas with The Robertson's , she can't believe it.

Hunter is not really thrilled with his new plans for Christmas, but off he goes on an adventure that will have a huge impact on his life. I loved the compassion and caring that the author wrote as Hunter was introduced to the family. I believe they are just like that if you meet them in person. The family is faith based and is willing to open their home and heart to a young man they don't know. He needs to see how a family cares about each other and guidance from some  spiritual men. The Robertson men do a great job of including Hunter in activities and he starts to open up a little.

The story is well written and I felt like I was in Miss Kay's kitchen watching her cook as Phil is in the other room watching tv. I did get a chuckle when Willie kept disappearing without an explanation. What is Willie plotting? It has funny moments, serious moments and encouraging moments as the story unfolds. As Phil shared his story with Hunter, I could feel the depth of love Phil has for Jesus. Overall the story is one I would recommend for everyone to read . It is such an inspirational story to watch as Hunter experiences things like duck hunting and cooking for the first time. Does he finally fit in somewhere? Will his relationship with his mom change when he returns home? I enjoyed the traditions that were shared in the story, which gives readers a glimpse into the real life of the Robertsons. The presents Hunter gets from the Robertson's were very thoughtful and one will make a huge impact on his life.

Thank you for writing such a beautiful story of faith, family and love. It will be a treasure to read this story ever year  to remind me of what Christmas is really about.

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I  just started reading this on New Year's Day. It is a nice layout and has great applications for our daily bible study. I love how it has humor, scriptures and touches on everyday issues. I just glanced through the book and know it will be a great tool to use everyday for encouragement. I look forward to reading this and applying the tools to my life. This a great book to use as a devotional for your daily time in the word. 

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub NetWork for an honest review.


What a great eye opening book . Everywhere we go, we are faced with temptations. Some of us are able to fight those off, while others give in. The outcome can be devastating and sometimes ruin a person's life. This story is about a man and what could happen if he gives into temptation. The author explores the consequences of his choices and shows us how our life could be altered by giving in to things that we know are not good for us.

I loved how  the author gave us a look at both sides of temptation. One depicts giving in and watching your life spiral out of control. The other was making the choice not to follow temptation and how your life will take a more positive direction. Every choice we make leads us to a destination. This book has a very clear message and gives you a glimpse into the dark side of temptation. Be encouraged though, when we don't give into temptation, we are following God and sin has no place to sneak in. I loved the book and hope that others will read this very intriguing story. People are watching everything you do, just waiting for you to mess up. Will you be tempted?

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It's that time of year when we start thinking about our health and make promises to eat healthier and exercise more. But the reality is most of us don't follow throug even though we promise ourselves we will. We get so busy with our lives, we forget to stop and smell the roses. I was one of those high energy people who was always on the go. I might have looked healthy, but I was far from being in good shape and really eating good healthy meals. I have decided that now is the time to take my health serious and have a healthy mind , body and spirit.

I loved the author's transparency as she takes us on her journey to a healthier life. It is not always easy but she shows us ways to achieve our goal with grace and wisdom. I appreciate her openness and insight into this subject.  She is very encouraging and is very open to sharing her struggles along the way. The book is filled with helpful tools and information that will guide you on your journey to achieve your goal. I loved how she suggested speaking scriptures over ourselves to begin to be physically,  emotionally and spiritually healthy. "He made your body , soul, and spirit- those three parts of your bring that are all connected - and when they are healthy and in harmony with each other , you will experience wellness." At the end of the book, the author has graciously included some healthy recipes to try and has a question and answer section at the end. Be encouraged as you take this journey , and know that Gid is right there with you cheering you on.

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This book is one of the best books I have ever read about the subject on controlling women. I am guilty of trying to control everything. Earlier in my marriage, I controlled everything and if it didn't go my way, I found ways to pout . I wanted to make sure everyone knew I was unhappy unless I got my way. I was very overprotective of my children as they grew up . My excuse was that I wanted to protect them, but really I was controlling them while leaving little room for them to grow and become independent .

I loved the author's description od the very first women who "thought she was smarter than God." Thanks Eve for thinking you knew better than God. It is funny how we think once we get married we will be able to change our spouse. "Controlling women think they are responsible to change people who are not going in the right direction." What a funny statement that is. Controlling women thinking they know best and should direct others to the right way to go. How many of us are guilty of controlling and proudly wearing our badge?

What a powerful book that opens your eyes to what being controlling can do to yourself. We can find ourselves anxious, angry , fearful, insecure and have low self-esteem and turn to controlling others to overcome these issues. This book has hit home for me and I saw myself doing many of the things she talked about without realizing I was self  destructing . One of the things she talks about in the book is a struggle I have had for many  years. I have dealt with anxiety attacks for so long that it can sometimes become overwhelming. But then I read this verse , "Be still and know I am God." (Ps 46:10) I have read that scripture many times but not really thought about it until I started reading this book.  All I need to do is give God control and trust Him.

We are all a work in progress and work on our imperfections everyday. The good news is that God is in control. We need to give that control back to Him and find peace and confort in knowing that if we don't get something done or it doesn't go the right way, that the world won't end. "The more secure a woman is, the less likely she will need to be in control."

I highly recommend this book to every woman to feel secure in theirselves and let God be in control. He has this. He doesn't need our help and we don't need to get in His way. At the end of each chapter are discussion questions that I would encourage readers to use as you begin to heal from being a controlling woman.

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I enjoy books that make me think and dig deeper into the Word. THE POWER Of GOD-GIVEN IMAGINATION will take you on a journey of a "gift that God has given every human being." We are have daydreams but don't always act on them. I remember as a kid being told to just use my imagination. It was fun to imagine going to grandma's house and playing tea with her.

Now as I read this book, I realize that we all can use that power of imagination " to dream, desire, envision and  imagine ."  We all have dreams of having the perfect job, or writing the next bestseller. If we start using our gift that God has given us, those dreams can become a reality. The author gives readers many biblical examples of people that had imaginations and it came to pass. One of those mentioned in the bible  was Abraham. He and his wife dreamed of having a child. They envisioned their child and knew that they would have one someday. It might not have happened in their timing , but God knew exactly when it was time to make their desire a reality.

There are great tools in the book to consider as you read this thought provoking book.  I found the book fascinating and loved the scriptures that backed up what he said. God wants the best for us and reminds us to "keep in mind that finding and serving the purpose of God involves a motivation to love and serve others."

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.


In the book THE FORGOTTEN RECIPE we are introduced to Veronica Fisher. She is a very kind and sweet young lady. Her life is simple and she is happy about her upcoming marriage to Seth. Seth is very loyal and hardworking.  It sounds like an idealic  life until tragedy strikes.

Veronica must now deal with her loss and it becomes almost to much for her. I liked the way the author wrote with compassion the emotional struggle Veronica  had while trying to move on with her life. The author does a great job of sharing Veronica's deep hurt and loneliness that she can't shake. She finds chores to do to keep herself busy. One day she decides to clean the attic. She finds a chest that will lead to her a new beginning and open doors for her heart to heal.

Jason was Seth's best friend and was with him with the tragedy occurs. He feels guilt over the accident and wants to find Seth's fiancé to express his deep condolences and make sure she is doing ok. When they meet at Veronica's bake stand, Jason is immediately attracted to her. He can't bring himself to tell her who he really is. As their feelings start to grow, Jason knows he must tell Veronica the truth.

The story starts will a recipe that had been stored away for years and weaves a tale of hope, faith, forgiveness and love that grows with each passing day. What happens when a secret is found out? Will the secret destroy a relationship? Can Veronica find love again and learn to trust? THE FORGOTTEN RECIPE is an emotional journey of two young people who will learn to follow their heart , let go of the past and focus on the future. I look forward to the next book in the series called THE COURTSHIP BASKET.

I received a copy of this book from The Fiction Guild for an honest review.