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Saturday, September 2, 2017


The opening scene is so explosive that I sat on the edge of my seat. The author knows how to grab a reader's attention within a few sentences. What would you do if you saw a vehicle trying to overpower another one? Colby sees that very scenario right in front of him on the freeway. His instincts kick in and he maneuvers his way to help whoever is being attacked on  the road. The intense drama is spectacular and I immediately knew I wouldn't be able to put the book down.

Colby is a bounty hunter, has served time in the service and has a goal to save his sister who has a devastating tumor. There is only one person who has the knowledge to save his sister's life. Dr. Regan Lockhart is a top notch neurosurgeon who believes she can save Colby's sister. In a split second their lives change when Regan's daughter is kidnapped. As any mother would do, she is willing to sacrifice anything to save her child. Will she risk her practice, and her patients lives in order to save her child? Who wants the virus that Regan has developed and why? The medical terminology is spot on and shows how much research the author has done to make it realistic. I loved the action that never stopped and thought that Colby and Regan worked well together.

It's a race to the very end as the threat of evil tries to take control of the drug that Regan has. When bodies start dropping and the military get involved, Colby has to decipher who he can trust. The author keeps readers glued to the story with high voltage intrigue and  a race to find out who is behind the danger  Colby and Regan find themselves in. The book easily sends  shivers down your spine as the story weaves through labs that become unsafe and a list of people who suddenly can't be trusted. Get ready for an ending that leave you speechless.

The review is my own opinion.

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