Monday, February 6, 2017


It is very hard for Laura to pick up the pieces of her life after the loss of her husband. She has a daughter and son that need her but there are days she can't seem to get motivated. I loved when Laura decided to go back to school to get  her Associates degree. She finds it hard to work and take classes but her determination kept her going. I did find it very funny when she runs into someone she knows in her class. Would it be awkward to be in college and find yourself sitting next to one of your children? The tension between mother and daughter was written with great emotion and realism.

Andrew Dougherty is a great history professor with some emotional baggage of his own. Andrew and Laura seem to clash a lot but it makes for some funny moments. I loved their interaction and attraction that slowly develops between them. Laura is still trying to deal with the death of her husband. She is angry at God. Can she find her way back to God? Will she forgive her husband for leaving her?

I loved this story for several reasons. I loved how the characters struggled with their relationship with God and how the author gave them feelings of anger, hurt and unforgiveness. We all have times when we become angry with God . Some of us walk away and never try to reconcile with Him. We allow our pride to take over and our hearts to harden. The story is about starting over, learning to forgive and letting go of anger. I couldn't put this book down because it really spoke to me and showed me areas where I had not  forgiven yet. I encourage everyone to pick up a copy of this wonderful story of starting over.

"He showed me that unforgiveness is like a prison. It holds us in its grip until we can't breathe."

Sunday, February 5, 2017


The opening pages of this book was so heartfelt with the Rossi family sitting around the table eating . The description of the food was so good, I could smell the sauce and almost taste the delicious Italian cuisine. I loved reading how the family gets together to share meals and make memories.

Bella is a wonderful character who runs Club Wed. She is a busy person and sometimes puts her family on the back burner. Will she realize that she needs to slow down a little? It is nice to see how supportive her husband is and I thought he was an amazing character. In fact all the characters were so much fun I think I would like to join the Rossi family.

Bella really has her hands full when a local TV Meteorologist asks Bella to make her wedding special by having it at night under the stars. . The bride sure does  have some over the top requests which made for an entertaining story. The Splendora Sisters make an appearance in the story and I have to say I would invite them over anytime. They are funny, full of energy and make you feel right at home. As the wedding gets closer things seem to start to unravel a bit. Will the weather be perfect for an outdoor wedding at night ? Can all the food be made in time? The wedding cake was detailed so incredibly perfect I could see the sparkles on the cake and imagine the taste of the light and fluffy goodness.

I loved how the author used this story to remind us that our plans may not be God's plans for us. We get frustrated when things don't work out and become upset. I loved how the story centered around family and being content with what we have. Sometimes we need to slow down and enjoy our families and appreciate them. The Rossi family worked together through every obstacle and I loved the closeness they shared.

The day has arrived for the big wedding and you can feel the excitement as everyone scrambles to make this a wedding that the bride will never forget. Will Bella pull off the perfect wedding? Grab a copy of this fun story and find out what happens "Once Upon A Moonlight Night."

Saturday, February 4, 2017


Have you done something in your life that you are ashamed of? Have you made a mistake you wish you could change? Have you walked through life not being able to forgive yourself? All these questions run through Adrianne's mind constantly. When she was in college she met the man of her dreams.  Their love was contagious and they wanted to be together forever. One decision will change everything and put them on different paths.

Adrianne is working as a curator at a museum when she comes  face to face with her past. The man she ran away from back in college is standing right there in front of her. I loved Adrianne and her deep sense of faith. Now she must use her faith and trust God as she and Chris reconnect. It seems to be easier to forgive others than ourselves. Adrianne has carried a secret for so long and she knows it is time to let go of all the shame she has felt.

Chris has no idea why Adrianne suddenly left college that day and hopes to get answers . I loved his devotion to missionary work and how much his faith meant to him. Adrianne always knew his desire was to be a missionary and she couldn't bring herself to tell Chris all those years ago that she was pregnant. The story is so beautifully written as two people work through forgiveness. Adrianne seems to carry a heavy burden and hopes Chris will understand  why she kept his daughter a secret all these years. I loved the interaction between father and daughter as they got to know each other. The author has written a story that was emotional and filled with God's mercy. This is one story you won't be able to put down. Will Chris and Adrianne work things out?

I especially liked this story because it illustrates so eloquently how hiding secrets can hurt others. We all fight temptations and when we fail, God is there to give us mercy and grace. I loved how the author took two people and walked them through the past with compassion and shared the unconditional love that God gives us each day.


I absolutely loved everything about this book. The description of the boardwalk was so vivid I felt like I was there. I could hear kids laughing and see the shops filled with treasures. The author really does her homework while detailing how taffy is made. Wouldn't it be fun to sample different flavors of salt water taffy? The story is filled with wonderful characters and has a great feeling of family and love.

Taffie's family owns a candy shop which has been around for many years. You get a  glimpse of the authors wonderful sense of humor by the names of the three daughters. How would you like to be named Taffie, Candy or Tangerine? I found it quite endearing that the family business was so popular with tourists and was a staple for the community.

Taffie is learning the ins and outs of her family's business so her parents can retire. When the main machine breaks , a repairman is called to try to fix the machine. Ryan enters the shop and I could feel the sparks fly between him and Taffie. Their relationship is sweet and I thought Ryan was a true gentleman. As they begin to date the bond grows deeper. I loved when the two families meet. That was such a great scene with everyone talking and laughing. Two families enjoying food, laughter and memories.

I won't give away anything that makes the story so powerful but I will say that it  is filled with dreams, making decisions , family values and following God's direction. Grab a copy, get comfortable and enjoy Taffie and  Ryan's story.

Friday, February 3, 2017


I just love reading books from this author. They always make me laugh and the way she use scriptures throughout the story is phenomenal. I loved the details she uses when describing the town and the different characters. I thought the story was funny, intriguing and filled with life lessons. It's funny how we judge others and come  to conclusions about them without a reason. I couldn't put the book down and boy was I surprised at the end.

Annie and Warren's twin daughters are both planning weddings. That is enough to have any father scrambling to find money to pay for all the expenses. He wants his daughters to have their dream weddings. After a burglary takes place at the bank Annie decides she knows who the guilty person is. Can you imagine thinking your own husband has stolen money from his own bank? She is such a great character and I really loved her sleuthing. She  kind of reminded me of Mrs. Fletcher from Murder She Wrote. Annie is hot on the trail of suspects and the town better watch out.

One of the best things in the story is the journey she takes to discovering how she suspects people who  are searching for acceptance, forgiveness and love. Do we sometimes look at someone and think that they don't fit in? Annie's bible scripture for each day is exactly what she needs. I love when God gives you direction through His word. As Annie tries to solve the mystery of the missing money, she discovers something about herself. Do we forget to spend time with our family because we are so busy doing other things? I loved the characters that Annie interacts with.  There  are some emotional moments in the story as she "interviews" her suspects that opens her heart to these people.  Don't miss this great story that keeps you guessing and along the way, reminds us to reach out and help others.