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Plunge into Darkness Kick-Off Package

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About the Book

Plunge into DarknessTitle: Plunge into Darkness
Author: Kristen N. Spencer
Release Date: February 27, 2018
Genre: Fantasy
Two girls.
A village with a dark secret.
Their only hope is a mythical figure Ever Morena has only read about in her father’s lone book.
Ten years ago Ever’s best friend disappeared without a trace. Though the loss of her friend only came close to killing her then, the truth of what happened might finish the job now—just when her future as the village healer is looking bright.
Ever must risk everything she loves in order to plunge into darkness on an impossible journey in the middle of the Concealed Forest.
Never before has redemption been so costly.
Please note: This book contains subject matter which some may find troubling as it spotlights helping those who have experienced abuse. I tried to handle this topic as delicately as I could, keeping the reader’s experience in mind.

About the Author

Kristin SpencerKristin N. Spencer spends part of each day imagining up new worlds and beings when she isn’t busy taking care of her three children and writing partner husband T. E. Spencer. When she’s not writing you can find her working in full time ministry, sewing cosplay costumes, or watching geekesque movies. She writes whatever genre she wants including but not limited to Non-Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Sci-Fi, Space Fantasy, and traditional Fantasy. Kristin studied Comparative World Literature at California State University, Long Beach and received a Bachelors, which she fondly calls a degree in reading. Her favorite movie is Sabrina (the Julia Ormond version) and her favorite person is Jesus.

Guest Post from Kristin N. Spencer

Life is messy because people are messy. While I was missionary in Athens, Greece I spent a lot of time around profoundly broken people who were making brave choices to change their lives and the lives of their children. Human trafficking creates a unique kind of broken, and the people that minister to people who have survived this difficult journey also have to reach an understanding of what the people they’re ministering to have been through. After a while serving in a ministry that works with women who have been rescued out of prostitution, the founder and director sent me a message. She said she wanted to have a sit down talk so we could get to know each other. As I nervously tapped my foot on the plastic metro floor on my way to the meeting, a picture came into my head. I saw a young woman sitting next to a dark pond filled with sledge, and knew instantly that something that could help her was inside there, and the only way to help her was to jump into the sledge and find it… to experience the darkness as a witness as a way to understand it. When I got to my meeting with the director, I told her about the picture I had seen on the metro. She said it was a perfect illustration for the work we do as advocates for survivors of sexual abuse. It was then that I thought, “This is more than a picture… this could be a story to illustrate how sometimes the only way to help hurting and broken people is to go through the darkness—though to a lesser degree of course—ourselves.”
When you have a friend or acquaintance that is healing from a difficult ordeal, one of the best ways for them to heal is to be able to talk about it. The simple truth is, hearing about someone being raped is horrific and uncomfortable. But imagine how much more horrible it is to actually be raped, and then never feel like anyone wants to let you talk about it. Not only are you reeling from the sexual assault, but also from the society imposed silence everyone expects you to keep.
Enter Ever, Dawn, and the Man of Sorrows. I don’t want to give too much away, but if you read the story, you will see the clear implications of how what I’ve just described came to be crafted into a fantasy story that deals directly with the character of man versus the character of an all loving, creative being. I hope you love this book and it leaves you wanting more even though the topic is a difficult one.


Ever and Dawn were friends that I enjoyed getting to now. It was hard for Ever to understand how Dawn did without so much. I loved Ever's heart and how deeply she cared for her friend. There were times I felt a bit lost in the story, but as I dug deeper I began to understand. To say that I enjoyed the story would be difficult, but I appreciated the tender way the author presented the topic of abuse. Coming from a violent and abusive childhood, the story was overwhelming at times. I wish I had been blessed with a friend like Ever.

Graves is a horrible person and it made me ill to hear her say to Ever, " What do you care 'bout that sack of a worthless child for?" Oh how I wanted to shake that lady and scream at her. The lies  she tells that her daughter has moved is horrible. It was like Dawn was just something to be tossed aside when her parents were done with her. Ever is devastated to learn her friend is gone. Her dad believes he must share the Man of Sorrows with Ever to heal her broken heart. The parallels between the Man of Sorrows book and the story of Jesus is woven together very well. God is the one who can heal our broken hearts and dry our tears away. 

The story takes on a dark and lonely road when Ever is reunited with Dawn. The abuse Dawn endured is so horrific I couldn't stop crying. Can Ever help her friend or is she locked away in her mind forever?  To give up on someone who has been damaged is like saying they are not important enough to be saved. As Dawn and Ever venture into the woods the book finally made sense.  The time they spend there opens Ever's eyes as to what needs to be fought in order to save Dawn. The darkness wants us to think we can't defeat it, but we can with God's help. Oh my it is such a powerful realization to know that The One is speaking about satan as we know him. The visions Ever has of Dawn's abuse is very graphic and gave me chills.  There is a lot to grasp from this story of torture and darkness.  The best point the author makes is when The Man tells Ever that others are guilty of what happened to Dawn. The villagers turned their back and ignored what was going on. They knew and did nothing.  The ending is gripping and I can say that I look forward to where Ever and Dawn are sent on their new quest. Thank you for taking a difficult subject and showing me that I was never alone as a child. I will cherish the story and the hope it brings me. 

 I do not see the outward appearance as man sees. I see the innermost thoughts and desires. I see into the heart."

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.

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  1. Thank you for your review on "Plunge into Darkness" by Kristen N. Spencer which leaves me wanting more than ever to read this book on my TBR list. I appreciate your being part of the book tour to spread the word on this wonderful book. I enjoyed reading about both the book and author. I would love the opportunity to read this book.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  2. Thank you so much for always commenting on my reviews. It is very much appreciated.

  3. This sounds somewhat hard to read, but worthwhile.

  4. I didn't like Dawn's parents either! I didn't really liked Ever's mom in the end of the book

  5. Congrats on the tour and thanks so much for the opportunity to win. I enjoy getting to hear about new books that my family would enjoy reading.

  6. This sounds really good--ty for the giveaway!