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Wednesday, March 31, 2021


This is my favorite book by this author because it is non stop action. Right away we are swept into a devious plot to take out Secret Service  agents. The bodies start to pile up as someone is targeting men and women in high profile jobs. 

When Faith from the FBI takes on the investigation you can feel a sense of purpose in her . She  is a no nonsense very determined woman. She takes her job seriously and is determined to unravel the mystery that is taking lives. I liked her way of shifting through evidence and working angle’s that others may have overlooked. 

Secret Service Special Agent Luke is lucky to be alive after being shot at, car bombs going off and houses exploding around him.  Who is after him and why? I liked the working relationship between Faith and Luke. There are a few moments that made me laugh because they both tried so hard not to show interest in each other. 

The story is a race to find out who is taking out agents and the twists are plenty. At first I had suspected someone but I was so wrong. The author does an excellent job of keeping readers guessing in this explosive story. The faith element is woven throughout the book and shows how the characters learned to trust again. I have to say I never put the book down until I was finished. It is action packed and full of surprises. 

I received a copy of this book from Revell Reads Blogger Program. The review is my own opinion. 


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