Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Oh how I love this author. Her books are so emotional and action packed that I find myself reading into the wee hours to finish it. The author has written a great story that takes readers to the seedier parts of a town. Her description is perfect and I was able to picture the homeless people as they rummaged for food. Don't you ever wonder how someone ends up on living on the streets? It just takes one person to reach out and make a difference. The story reminds me that we all need a helping hand at sometime . Will you be the one to encourage someone and give them hope?

Jonathan  is a pastor who I really liked. He has such a gentle spirit and his compassion and patience was very endearing. He gets a word from God that will take him to a place that he will witness forgiveness and redemption. His journey will lead him to open a shelter that had been closed up for awhile. I really liked how he was determined to get it up and running and ignored those  that thought he was not capable of taking on such a big challenge.

Cynthia is a news reporter who is always looking for the next best story. She definitely has some secrets from her past and she has a hard time trusting. When she finds herself at the shelter, will she allow herself to open up to someone? Why Is she really at the shelter? Her character reminded me of someone that acts really tough, but inside is a hurt and lonely person. I thought the author did a great job of having Cynthia slowly begin to trust and feel like she had found friends at the shelter. She has always been very private , but as her story takes a dangerous turn, will she let her new friends protect her?

Stubby is a homeless man who lives on the dark streets waiting for something good to happen in his life. His character was my favorite because he was so hungry to change his life and all he needed was that one chance . He had always felt like such a loser, going days living on drugs and watching his friends die while living on the streets. Why is a gang trying to kill Stubby? Will he find safety at the shelter ? The part where Stubby cries out to God is an emotional scene and I cried as I could feel his desperation.

Throughout the story I kept thinking about the song "Amazing Grace." Sometimes we think we aren't good enough and no one loves us , but God loved us so much that he sacrificed His  son for us. How many of us are guilty of judging others? Do we turn our backs on the homeless, the weary and desperate people in this world? The story really opened my eyes to the horrible conditions people live in and I thank the author for  writing about a subject that reminds us that we need to be His hands and feet.  We need to show grace and mercy and not turn our bs is on people in need. The scriptures are beautifully placed in the story to draw readers to learn to trust and rely on Him.

The book is action packed with secrets, lies, gangs, drugs, murder, greed, forgiveness and redemption. The ending is a real edge of your seat thrill ride  as the characters face danger. I can't wait till the author has another book coming out. She writes with passion and makes characters come  to life with real problems that people face everyday.

I received a  complimentary copy of this book from The BookClub Network. The review is my own opinion and I was not compensated for it.

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