Thursday, October 29, 2015


"Gunfire exploded to the right of the stage, a burst of sound that temporarily deafened her." As I read that very first sentence of the book, I knew it was time to get comfortable because this book was going to grab my attention till the very last world was read. India Hartley is a well known actress who finds herself being arrested for the murder of her co-star Arthur Sterling. How could a  prop gun get replaced by a real gun without anyone seeing it? Who would want Arthur dead?

Since India is so famous, it is impossible to go anywhere as she awaits trial without being recognized. The mobs must have been terrifying to India, with all the accusations being thrown at her.  Her lawyer, Philip Sinclair decides he must step in and help his client out. He invites her to come stay with him and his sister at his plantation. Hopefully being away from the strains of the charges against her, India can get some rest and collect her thoughts.

I loved the time period this intriguing story is set in the post Civil War era. There were people during this time period still trying to recover from the effects of a war that had devastating consequences. The author develops India's character very well and shows how vulnerable she became as she struggled to prove her innocence. A once very famous actress is now nothing but a recluse. How does she feel knowing that her stardom is almost a thing of the past? Will her loneliness cause her to feel unwanted ?

As the investigation heats up, something turns up that will be far more explosive than anyone could ever imagine. What was discovered that has everyone scrambling and talking? India will go through a torturous trial and there will be twists that the reader will not see coming. I love mystery books that are unpredictable and keep readers guessing till the end. Will you be surprised of the verdict at India's trial ?

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

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