Saturday, October 31, 2015


I love the explanation the author gives for the word Renaissance . "It is about people of hope and vision bringing into the culture that which their spiritual eyes can see. " When God shows us visions, He is directing us to share those with others. It may not always be easy, but He will be there as you experience all he  has for you. "Caleb-vision is the ability to see the good things that God wants us to see without being derailed from our assignment by the obstacles before us." I love how the author explains that although there will be struggles, or things that may get us off track, God wants us to see the wonderful things He has planned for us.

The book goes into detail about the history of the Puritans. It is said that women who heard God's voice or spoke of a vision , were thought to be witches. Their days were numbered if word got out about this strange occurrence happening to these women. Aren't you glad that we can freely share what He has  shown us or said to us without fear of death?

Mr. Endow encourages us, the body of Christ to make a long-term plan, vs the short five year plan many churches adopt. We need to think years ahead , not just a short time so that the next generation can come along and continue the plan. The book is very in-depth and goes into having healthy relationships which will help you keep you eyes focused on your calling. The enemy likes to distract us with marital problems, sickness and other things that will detour our vision from what God has designed us to do. We all talk about revival, but are we really prepared for a full out across the land revival?

There are so many great nuggets of truth, encouragement and direction in this book, that it took me several readings to really grasp hold of what the author was saying. It was not for  lack of confusion, but a lack on my part to really receive what he was showing me through examples and scriptures. It made me realize that sometimes I have tunnel vision and don't look at the bigger picture. As you read this book, take you time, allow God to speak to you . "There is no greater pursuit than to see and know our God in a more intimate way. You've been given something specific that can be used to bring fame to God on earth and display the truth about how good He is."

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.

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